OpenStreetMap NextGen Development Diary #3 - Packed with Goodies

Posted by NorthCrab on 31 March 2024 in English. Last updated on 1 April 2024.

Welcome to my third OpenStreetMap NextGen development diary.
This week has been super busy and I can’t wait to show you the progress 🧑‍🍳!

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Video Presentation 🎉

This week I was focused on integrating features together, as we get closer and closer to the first development release. I am super happy with how things are progressing and I decided to record a short video presentation (3 minutes).

⬇ Click below to play ⬇

Video thumbnail

or click here:

Refreshed Changeset UI

Changeset sidebar comparison screenshot, showcasing simplified and refreshed UI

OpenStreetMap-NG now features a refreshed changeset sidebar. Featuring, profile pictures and de-emphasized discussion subscription button. I’ll collect feedback on this design decision (and others) after the first development release.

Working Rapid & iD editors

OpenStreetMap-NG delivers on its promise and features Rapid editor as an alternative to iD.

Navbar screenshot, highlighting Rapid editor option

A lot of effort was put in into securing against potentially malicious JavaScript code making requests as a user to the website (not API). Uncompressed Rapid editor weighs about 5MB, with iD being around 4MB. A library of such size is impossible for a human to review properly, making it an easy target for abuse. With OpenStreetMap-NG, hosted editors can’t physically use user cookies, mitigating all the risk.

New Icons System

Elements view, showcasing deleted nodes with defibrillator and bench icons

There are plenty more feature icons and many original ones are now in higher resolution. Many of the icons have been borrowed from OpenLevelUp editor as they closely resemble the existing icon style and blend together nicely. There are currently 286 features with icons.

There is also this neat new feature, icons and feature names are now displayed correctly for deleted elements. This should make browsing through changesets easier.

Elements Pagination 2.0

Screenshot of pagination control under the elements list

Navigating through element pages is now instant and does not require a full sidebar reload. Your browser only loads necessary resources to display the current page of elements. It’s fast, it’s efficient, it’s simple — and most importantly, it’s not annoying to use!

(check out the video presentation for a short demo 😉)

Support for Multiple Value Tags

OpenStreetMap-NG introduces native support for key prefixes/suffixes and multi-value tags. The system can be easily extended with support for new tagging schemas with the use of formatting plugins. Keys are separated by : and values are separated by ;.

And More…

All of my work is publicly accessible on this GitHub repository. While my development diaries focus on selected highlights, there are many more details to read through. You can always browse the commit history with day-by-day updates.

Project Sponsors 🦀

I am super grateful for all this week’s project patrons. Your growing support makes me work at 110% capacity! Everything is possible if you just believe it. Thank you 🫰.

Currently, the project is sponsored by 10 people!
Five private and two public donors on Liberapay, and three public on GitHub Sponsors.

This week’s donations go directly towards the development of OpenStreetMap-NG.

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Comment from GovernorKeagan on 31 March 2024 at 22:24

This is the first time that I’m seeing this. Kudos to you! It looks fantastic thus far.

Comment from PlayzinhoAgro on 1 April 2024 at 00:20

it’s really nice to see how fast the project is progressing, it would be nice to have a notification system in the browser not just via e-mail and I would also love to be able to see what has been changed just like in OSMCha and not just the objects. Of course, that would be for a future version! Keep up the great work!

Comment from NorthCrab on 1 April 2024 at 09:00

@GovernorKeagan @PlayzinhoAgro ❤️!

@PlayzinhoAgro, I have noted down your suggestions and I will create GitHub issues when the time comes. They will not be lost!

Comment from rtnf on 5 April 2024 at 07:03

Feature request : integrate OSM deep history into’s “view history” feature.

Comment from NorthCrab on 5 April 2024 at 13:07

@rtnf This is something that’s already planned 🫢. I want to take inspiration from the osm deep history, but make it an integral part of the website project and interface. We shouldn’t have such core features being served on 3rd party sites.

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