Maproulette Instructions (India Health Facilities)

Posted by Neena2309 on 8 November 2019 in English (English).

Background of the Challange:

The challenge is to improve the health care information in India which can be beneficial for the people in need. In order to do so we need to re-position the coordinate with their actual ground truth position (If they are not at the actual position) with the help of local knowledge and add the Additional Tags from the MR Properties to the amenity.

Use Maproulette and Josm in order to add or modify hospital and all other sorts of health facilities records in OSM.


Alt text

Alt text

Step 1: Identify the Facility

Check for the Hospital/Health Center Name and If you know the Hospital/Health Center then Click on “Edit” If not you can “Skip” and go for the next task and go to the actual location of the Hospital/Health Center.

Alt text

Step 2: Check for the Existing data

If the Hospital/Health Center feature is already mapped in OSM. Add the missing attributes to existing feature from the MR Task Properties.

If not add a new node on the Hospital/Health Center location and add all the Tags from the MR Task Properties.

Alt text


If building is missing you can add a building feature.

If the facility is permanently closed mark it as Too Hard.

Upload the changes with preset Changeset Comment and source

Alt text

Maproulette Task Action:

Mark the task according to action taken.

Fixed : If you add / modified the respected tasks features in OSM

Already Fixed : If the feature is already existing with all tags in OSM

Too hard / Can’t see: If the facility is permanently closed facilities

Skip: If the facility is unknown

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Thank You Happy Mapping

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