Help with R, G, B color values for OSM roads

Posted by Mink on 21 June 2011 in English (English)

I have a question:

How would one find the R, G, B color values for the roads in OSM?

I'm currently trying to import the road shapefiles from CloudMade into my radar program, GR2Analyst, and I am having someone make a .sty file for me. He needs to know what colors I want the roads to show up as, and in order for him to make the roads as they would be in OSM, I need to know the exact values for them!


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Comment from Vclaw on 21 June 2011 at 17:53

Assuming you are referring to the default 'Mapnik' map on, then this is specifed in the osm.xml file. You can get this file here:
Then look through it to find the colour codes for the tags for each road. They are given as hexadecimal values, but you can convert these to RGB if you want.

Alternatively, an easier option (if you are running Windows): get Pixie from and run it.
It will show what colour is under the cursor, so if you point your mouse at an OSM map it will give the colours for that.

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