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Roundabout in MI, USA

Nice work! The original looks like it was created with 1 or 2 GPS traces before imagery was available.

Mapillary 360° capture part 2: bike

I have a GoPro Max and still use it in the timelapse mode. It looks like Mapillary did a good job with video upload and processing!

OSM Rank Table update, and TIGER burndown

Great work on the TIGER cleanups. I know the line is theoretical, but in my local county, many nodes will never need to be touched. Those streets originated from high precision government data. Although the ways themselves need attribute data added and updated, the centerlines never need to be touched if the street doesn’t change.

It was a dark and stormy night

@Anakil , I think the search might work - since there aren’t many different types of items they would search for, they could tape a small cheat sheet with the correct search phrase on the tablet.

It was a dark and stormy night

@Glassman, the convention being used by Amazon and one of the methods in the Wiki is to just mark the shared part as highway=service , and the individual drives as service=driveway. That works for navigation instructions, although it doesn’t help statistical queries for shared driveways. There’s also a suggestion to use service=pipestem which would help with GIS queries.

Normally ending the driveway close to its address tells the router to use that driveway, but I remember a handful of cases where the nearest driveway does not belong to that address. Having some way to handle that would be helpful. Adding the address to the driveway only would be a bit confusing for those looking for a building with an address. Adding the address to the driveway as a duplicate address might be a good solution. I don’t know if routers would automatically do the right thing - that’s an interesting question.

If it looks like an import, gets permission like an import, and organizes like an import, then it probably is an import…...Or is it?

Hi Alan, the prefix tms[22]:

should also be included in front of the URL. (I couldn’t figure out how to get that to look correctly in the Wiki markup ).

Improving the Behavior of Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) Companies

For an iterative returning visitor, there’s also , They left the “Suite C” part, even though the B is the most likely correct. It may occupy both B and C however.

Changeset upload is in production since May 2019, as part of CGImap 0.7.5

I was able to make a few tests, quite impressive! One error test case I uploaded resulted in a proper error message from JOSM.

Is the test server running cgimap or golang?

OSMCha News - February/2018

Very nice set of updates. Thank you!

Maproulette Rail Crossings completion

Yes, I saw some of those also. That’s where the tutorial would have helped - ensuring that they zoom in far enough to see that the alignment needs work also.

MapRoulette newsletter

The rail challenge is at 62% this week.

Railway Crossings challenge for MapRoulette

Thanks for the tip about Max as an expert! Is there a good tutorial on Geo-SQL / POSTGIS? I have found that standard SQL skills don’t carry over to Geo-SQL.

Highway shields, state by state

Re: Tiles @ MapQuest - I see that you are correct, it is a proprietary dataset. I chose that as part of the changeover from their shield-ed tiles, and didn’t even look closely enough to realize that it was proprietary. Off to fix that problem!

Highway shields, state by state

I wonder which technique the MapQuest @ Mapbox tile layer (which shows state and Interstate shields) uses?

Conflation engine Cygnus now in public beta

I tested this now with 2 rural counties, and here’s my impressions:

This concept will be a major time saver to be able to integrate OSM data from reference data as time goes on.

I populated my reference data (from latest county GIS) with a surface attribute, as well as an updated review against current imagery to identify roads that have deteriorated into tracks. The comparison did identify geometry changes and new roads. I think this is currently the strongest use case: merging new data into the existing OSM network.

It would be interesting to have more control over tag merging - such as taking surface tags from the ‘new’ ways if there is no current surface tag.

Conflation engine Cygnus now in public beta

Oh yes, I see that all my node references were invalid. So I’ll hold off until I hear how to create a PBF from a ‘new file’ with no OSM version history, etc.

Conflation engine Cygnus now in public beta

Ok, my first try: “Roads_glommedEdit.pbf” . Some notes -

  1. Requiring PBF for ‘new data’ is problematic, since the usual processing and JOSM pre-validation results in Osmosis refusing to convert to PBF on the grounds that a version is required. For now I lied and made up a version, etc for test purposes.

  2. The job result was that it claimed that there were no ways in the file. Yet I can convert back to XML and see the ways. Perhaps this was a result of lying about version, author, etc.

  3. My data is for a very rural county, and I hope I won’t hit the 50 km limit - the PBF file was only 3.4 Megabytes.

I’ve got more near ends to join in JOSM before I consider it authoritative, but I wanted to give it a spin!

Conflation engine Cygnus now in public beta

This is a great tool! There have been talks of creating such a thing for 5 years; I never had the time though. Looking forward to testing it in early 2016 with a dataset I’ll be working with!

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike

I’ve wondered about this also - something as simple as creating a GTFS feed from OSM data, using road geometries as a basis is a no-go. The reason? If the GTFS feed is made public and Google uses it, the OSM-based road geometries would be a license violation. (In the US, most of those roads had ironically started from TIGER).

Also I worked with a homeowner in a rural community who has been struggling for years to tell the package delivery services where his house is located. We worked for a bit to put his house number and access roads into OSM. I haven’t worked up the nerve to tell him that virtually no one will be using that information for the foreseeable future.