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Keeping OSM up to date with OSMfocus

I am not able to give OSMFocus any priority soon. Alternative maintainers are welcome :-)

Keeping OSM up to date with OSMfocus

The source for OSMfocus is now available on github:

Qualitätskontrolle mit Android-Apps

OSMfocus is an android app with quality control as the primary objective:

OSM Analytic Difference Engine


I haven’t compared the features of the augmented diffs vs. what this tool does, so I really can’t say.

Keeping OSM up to date with OSMfocus

I have put my OSM Analytic Difference Engine on github. In short its a backend for a live service providing realtime insight into edits within a region of interest. Special focus has been made to analyse the changesets and provide a concise description of what has changed.

Some of purposes of this engine:

  • Prof-of-concept for an improved changeset-info service (improved compared to looking up changeset details on
  • Provide insight into changes in your area of interest
  • Improve team spirit of a regional OSM team/task-force.
  • Quality ensurance through peer review
  • Learning by seeing how other make edits to your region of interest.

Find it here:

[OSM Analytic Difference Engine for Denmark] [OSM Analytic Difference Engine on github]

Keeping OSM up to date with OSMfocus

It is my intention to make OSMfocus open-source eventually. I was reworking it when I got caught up in other OSM-related projects (more on that soon) and it has kind of been on the backburned since then. Rest assured that its not forgotten…

Keeping OSM up to date with OSMfocus

A new version with the changes below has just gone out to beta-testers. I expect to promote it to production in a day or two.

  • Limitations on legend box size implemented. Legend boxes no longer can fill the entire screen. Long lines are wrapped as indicated by a curved arrow and excess lines are indicated by an arrow ‘going below a line’.

  • Use of most recent location instead of waiting for GPS fix. This will make it possible to use OSMfocus while waiting for the GPS.

  • Improved internal vector rendering, especially related to multi-polygon rendering.

Keeping OSM up to date with OSMfocus

Yes, you can definitely use the text for the OSM wiki. Any volunteers for creating a wikipage… please go ahead.

There will be an update soon which implements a limitation on legend-box size and wrapping of long lines.

Wrt. support for Android 2.3 - I dont think that will happen. The current implementation use features from Android API level 14, and although I might be able to decrease the required API level, I probably will not get down to Android 2.3.

Keeping OSM up to date with OSMfocus

Currently there is no support for ‘offline’ mode, but if there is sufficient interest I might add this.

Currently I think some way of taking notes is the most urgent feature that needs adding - maybe by adding the capability of taking pictures.