I was doing some HOT mapping on an old project in Nigeria recently and noticed that depending on how I access the project, I get different versions of the Bing imagery.

If I use the HOT tasking manager (either using iD or JOSM) or direct JOSM download as a starting point I get a lower resolution image that is clearly a different vintage than if I open it direct from the OSM page through the iD editor.

I can’t tell which is more recent as buildings appear and disappear in Nigeria so no telling without some local knowledge.

Someone suggested that it’s likely due to accessing different API endpoints (which I don’t quite know what this means).

Time for some more investigating. I’d love to be able to use both sets of images. Maybe I’ll post on why I want to do that as a separate entry when I get a free moment.

Location: Yali, Ganjuwa, Bauchi, Nigeria

Comment from harrierco on 15 August 2021 at 18:09

Swicht Bing Imagery layer to Mapbox Imagery

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