highway=trunk infestation in San Paulo

Posted by Mateusz Konieczny on 8 August 2015 in English (English)

To anybody editing in region of San Paulo - it seems that road classification in this region is thoroughly broken (many highway=trunk that probably should highway=tertiary/secondary given how road ends etc etc). It seems that somebody tagged all dual carriageway roads in this region as highway=trunk.

I opened also some notes - is there any better method of contact with local community?

Location: Vila Aurora, Mandaqui, São Paulo, Região Imediata de São Paulo, RMSP, Região Intermediária de São Paulo, São Paulo, Southeast Region, 02417-130, Brazil

Comment from naoliv on 9 August 2015 at 01:21

The problem is that we lack people in Brazil to fix this (and other problems).

Comment from ivaldonm on 9 August 2015 at 03:43

See, the roads are not incorrect, are trunk, even including expressways (Marginal Tiete and Pinheiros). Now the rest of the avenues and streets, the (possible) error is given by the lack of standard in urban road classification. It is a cat nest nobody reaches a consensus.

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