Moar irish mid-west roads

Posted by Marlow on 14 November 2008 in English (English)

It seems, that quite a few of the R- (secondary) roads aren't mapped in the midwest.

So I got a few more R- and L- roads done today.

The worst thing about L- (or not ?) roads is their lousy signing. Sometimes you find the L- roadnumber on one end of the road but nowhere along the road and not on the other end either. It could be a separate sign or it could be part of the streetsign with the distances, depending on, if the signs have been upgraded at some point. This makes it very difficult to figure out, where a L-road ends, as a t-junction doesn't necessarily mean the end of that particular L-road.

Also I've seen no other mapping material so far, that has the L-road numbers. I'll need to investigate, to see, if there's a list or map somewhere with all of them. After all, there's tenthousands of them !! (they go as heigh as 71xxx around here).

Until then, I'll leave tertiary roads, that have no sign for their number as unclassified roads. Not much else, that can be done.

I also startet using MoM today. It's quite good and works brill on my E90. Gives me an idea, what roads aren't mapped yet. The only problem is, that the bloody thing hangs, when the GPRS/3G connection goes to sh*t and also the logging is patchy, which isn't a big problem, because I use my logger in the GPS receiver for that. But just to get an idea, what is mapped and what not, it's a brilliant tool, as it downloads the maps as needed.

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