A Step Forward in Mapping Together

Hello, OpenStreetMap Community!

We at Mapilio are thrilled to announce a significant update that’s been in the works for some time now — the integration of our imagery layers into OpenStreetMap, available through the iD editor. This collaboration represents a milestone in our ongoing commitment to enhancing the mapping experience for everyone in the OSM community.

ID ## Why This Matters

The power of OpenStreetMap lies in its community and the collective effort to create the most detailed, open-source map of the world. By integrating our high-quality imagery layers from Mapilio, we aim to empower mappers with even more tools to enhance accuracy and detail in their mapping endeavors.

Collaboration at Its Best

Achieving this milestone wasn’t a solo effort. It required the collective expertise and dedication of many. We worked closely with Kathleen Lu from the Licensing Working Group (LWG) to ensure that our imagery adheres to all licensing requirements, maintaining the open and free ethos of OSM.

Furthermore, we extend our gratitude to Martin Raifer, whose invaluable contributions have seamlessly integrated our code into the OSM codebase. This integration not only enhances the mapping experience but also solidifies the collaborative spirit of the OpenStreetMap community.

ID ## Our Imagery Layers: What You Need to Know

Our imagery layers from Mapilio are now available to all users through the iD editor. This integration ensures that every mapper has access to high-quality, recent imagery, providing a detailed and accurate foundation for mapping activities. Whether you’re mapping remote areas or updating urban landscapes, our imagery offers the clarity and detail needed for precision mapping.

Official Statement and Further Information

For more detailed information about this collaboration and what it means for the OpenStreetMap community, please read our official statement here: Official Statement on Mapilio and OSM Collaboration.

We’re excited about the possibilities this partnership unlocks for the OpenStreetMap community. As always, we are committed to supporting the OSM project and its mission to create a freely accessible and editable map of the world.

We welcome your feedback, questions, and suggestions on our forums or directly through our contact page on the Mapilio website. Let’s continue mapping the world together, one layer at a time.

Happy Mapping!


Comment from NorthCrab on 31 March 2024 at 19:58

I will definitely try it out! Looks promising 😃. Thanks!

Comment from NorthCrab on 10 April 2024 at 20:43

Please fix the maximum password length of 12 characters :-)

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