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Why do I like OpenStreetMap?

Posted by Mahede Hasan on 15 September 2020 in English (English)

It’s very silly question but I like to describe my opinion. Once upon a time I could’t know how to use map let alone edit. When I stated my journey with OSM tried to add my own locality’s data first as a beginner mapper all of us do it like me. There are lots of mapping organization in the whole world but openStreetMap is totally different from them.

We can’t edit all the mapping sites but osm gives us this opportunity to edit in here. The community is always being ahead for humanitarian works instead of business purpose use. May some guys are using for business purpose but humanitarian action is first priority.

I would like describe myself an OSM Mapper. Happy Mapping.

OpenStreetMap:Great tools for implementing a community System

Posted by Mahede Hasan on 31 October 2019 in English (English)

It is known all over the world that OpenStreetMap is a free source GEO based map service which gives access anyone to use its data for humanitarian work or something else, can be the key to implement a community .It is usually that now a days data is being one of the best object to make proper system, so why not in this platform.In the whole world all the community not getting all of digital advantage due to lack in communication system. OSM can be a communication system to communicate with them.

We who map in this platform and sometimes we do huge number of emergency map in any disaster or something else. It is the way to implement a community through mapping and I seem that in most of the map, all of community area not mapped with its valuable information which be helpful to local people or very little area has been under map.But we know remote area should be mapped to implement the community and OpenStreetMap is the one of the best source for implementing any of local community .

But you may hit a question that how is it possible ? Yes,it is possible cause there are lots of local mapper working here and contributing a lot.They are able to map on their own area remotely or field.By tracing from imagery we can find out all of important objectives like highways,buildings,water body, forest etc.

Highway and buildings are one of the most important element to map an area along with waters.

Happy Mapping..

My history in OpenStreetMap

Posted by Mahede Hasan on 20 June 2019 in English (English)

It was 2014 when I was coming back to Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh where I study.I was travelling with my few friends and one of my best friend was using mobile application map to see our GPS location and to know our route distance from the current position.It was just amazing to me.After two years back,I got a chance to take training on Map which was actually OpenStreetMap but Unfortunately missed the chance due to my personal problem and in February 2018, I took training on OSM from Bangladesh Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Operational Team (BHOOT) and Youth Mappers Dhaka College(YMDC).Now I am working a lot in this platform and want to continue my effort as soon as possible.

Mapping Like a game!Yes.This is a game where I want to complete my target and to be winner.In very first time of my journey in this platform, I saw that my own locality was not mapped and got a chance to map that area and now this area is mapped with lots of POI data along with valuable information.

This is a long journey, I want to continue my journey on this platform.I have a several plan for implementing my own area using OpenStreetMap. I will give thanks to BHOOT and YMDC for giving me this awesome opportunity to be skilled on OpenstretMap platform.

Nowadays the world is being interested in GEO based information where OpenstreetMap can a major platform for it’s copyright system cause we know this platform is totally open for all.So why anyone can add or export data for his own interest. I want to do my journey long with this platform ant will try to be one the best contributor.

Happy Mapping!!!