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Mahede Hasan

Mapper since:
February 12, 2018
Last map edit:
July 03, 2021

Vice President, Youth Mappers Dhaka College

Contributor, Bangladesh Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Operational Team (BHOOT)

Validator, HOTOSM

Contributor, Maproulette

You can find me here

Journey with OpenStreetMap

In the second week of February 2018 I involved in OpenStreetmap.This was a very good time for me when I took training and pushed myself for doing map more and more. Firstly BHOOT gives me an opportunity for training on OSM as a beginner mapper and after completing beginner’s step got helped from BOIL to know more details related to data.Firstly I tried to map my local community which I know more and gradually mapped different types of task in HOTSOM and TEACHOSM. In every crisis situation I mapped lots of areas. I am having very good experience and Knowledge about field mapping by using Field Paper or Mobile application.

How I Map

Actually I like to map both remote tracing and field mapping.For mapping in remote I use JOSM, ID Editor and RapiD. For mapping related to field mapping I like to use osmAnd, Maps.Me, Vespucci, Mapillary, OSM Tracker, Filed Papers, ODK, OMK, Kobotoolbox etc. For adding local data I prefer to use [osmAnd] and for street level image data [Mapillary] is the best one according to my personal experience. For mapping in advance level actually in related to highway or others mostly like to use JOSM and RapiD. If I go to a place to another place like to take trace track and adding data. It has been a habit for mapping.

BOIL: The Geo Based Core Team in Bangladesh

From February,2018 I am working with Bangladesh Open Innovation Lab(BOIL) for doing it’s internal and external work based on map.As like as remote tracing,field mapping,data processing etc.This is a map based organization working in Bangladesh and one of best GEO based company in the whole country.If you want to know more details about BOIL find it on OpenStreetMap and also Google Map.This organization done several mapping project collaborating with Oneconcern,Pathao Ltd, Delterace etc.

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