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These days I’ve had the opportunity to visit friends around Quebec and also spend some time with my little family in the many parks in Outremont.

I went to Magog and as always, did a quick check for missing street names - there were a lot in this particular area! That’s now fixed :) It took about 30 minutes in car, I wasn’t driving. I used Walking Papers maps that I had printed in advance. Unfortunately the upload feature does not seem to work there, but I did the manual edit anyways. I also included fir hydrants:

I also started using Potlatch 2 (about time!) to fix a few buildings in Outremont and in particular the Parc St-Viateur paths and outlines which were really lacking detail. I added the Parc John F. Kennedy pool, paths and more detail to that park, I go there a lot and had been meaning to do that forever:–

I am hoping to finish all service roads (ruelles) and mini-parks in Outremont this summer, if you live around let me know :)

Bruno Remy, an OpenStreetMap mapper from Quebec City, will be talking tomorrow at La Voix du Libre, a radio show/podcast focusing mostly on free open source software and projects:

Don’t miss it! Keep and eye on the Agenda du Libre for future OSM events.

Bruno wrote on the Talk-CA mailing list about starting a mapping group in Quebec City, which reminded me of the OSM Wiki resources and information about participants. If you are in Quebec province for a few days or live here permanently and would like to start a group or even contribute a bit, check these out:

Location: Rosemont, Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, Montreal, Urban agglomeration of Montreal, Montreal (administrative region), Quebec, Canada

Mapping progress - Getting used to OSM Tracker for Android, walking papers

Posted by MagicFab on 2 August 2010 in English. Last updated on 3 August 2010.

I've been adding new tracks regularly now, it's getting much easier as time goes on.

I've decided I'll focus on urban features around my office and living place (Mont-Royal and Outremont respectively), kids features - because I have 3 :) (water parks, drinking water, picnic areas, family-friendly hiking) and cycle routes.

With my limited time those are mapping activities I can do during a lunch break, or while going for groceries, or while spending time with the family.

Here are a few tricks that I found by trial and error:
- When mapping a trail you know you'll visit again in your way back, adopt a convention - ie. "all POIs mapped are only at my right". I once mapped all POIs on both sides and couldn't make sense out of it later :)
- Use to print an area you know you will spend time at. OSM Tracker or other mobile apps for mapping may just not be that convenient for some surveys
- Walking-papers printouts also help explain what you're doing. While surveying a pool one of the security people thought I was taking pictures with my mobile phone!.. I'll spare you the rest.
- Break your GPS traces in small manageable sizes. I once did a huge trace (5 hours hike) and the job to put it on OSM was too much to tackle in one session.
- Add a note at the beginning of your surveys indicating what they are about. I have some traces I completely forgot why I had saved in the first place.

For now I don't rely much on other mappers, I like experimenting a bit before asking for help. So far the Wiki has been very effective to find features I didn't know how to map so I guess I'll need help with more advanced stuff as I progress in my contributions.

Happy mapping!

My first contributions in Outremont (Montreal), QC, Canada

Posted by MagicFab on 15 July 2010 in English. Last updated on 20 June 2018.

I started easy with some missing POI in streets around my home, and noted several "ruelles" should be tagged "highway=living_street" so also fixed a few of those.

I'll most probably be surveying and tracing more in the next few days.

Location: Outremont, Montreal, Urban agglomeration of Montreal, Montreal (administrative region), Quebec, Canada