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Posted by Linhares on 27 October 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Atualmente tenho me dedicado bastante a completar os córregos da região do Distrito Federal e entorno; mesclar divisas e rios; e adicionar nomes de serras (natural=ridge) utilizando a camada do IBGE.

Esses acidentes naturais completam o mapa em áreas com poucas estradas. Além do mais, o OSM já atingiu um nível bastante satisfatório com relação a sua cobertura de rodovias!

Abraços, Linhares

Proposta de classificação de rodovias federais

Posted by Linhares on 14 August 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)


abrimos votação no fórum sobre uma proposta de modificar as cinco principais rodovias federais de primary para ‘trunk’.

Um resumo da motivação desta mudança pode ser vista [neste vídeo] ( Além disso, a nova classificação resolverá problemas de roteamento.


Abraços, Linhares

First try with Mappilary

Posted by Linhares on 6 April 2014 in English (English)

Today I started using mappilary, the crowd sourced street view based on OSM. The android app worked very well and it is incredible simple!

Check this footway here in Brasilia. Abraços, Linhares

Firefox OS

Posted by Linhares on 31 January 2014 in English (English)

I am using OSM in my smartphone with Firefox OS and it have been a great experience so long!

My two favourites apps are Lantea Maps and Here-I-am. Tomorrow I’m gonna try Track Guide out.

Abraços, Linhares

Humanitarian style layer

Posted by Linhares on 24 September 2013 in English (English)

I am very happy that OSM is using the HOT style in the front page!

This style is great because it changes the color of the road based on the surface tag - very useful for dirt roads!

I was using it on JOSM and was hoping to see it on the map itself. It happened sooner than I was expecting =)

Points of Interest

Posted by Linhares on 26 August 2013 in English (English)

Yesterday I went to put some POIs on the map. It is amazing the number of shops you can find in a small commercial area. So that you have to focus on specific types. I usually take notes of these ones: pharmacy, supermarket, restaurant and bank. And also public buildings. In fact, I like much more to map buildings because you can draw them on the map :-)

The area I went yesterday is one of the many places forgotten by google maps. It gives me extra motivation to go there and map!

Location: Vicente Pires, Região Integrada de Desenvolvimento do Distrito Federal e Entorno, Federal District, Central-West Region, Brazil

Travelling and mapping

Posted by Linhares on 19 August 2013 in English (English)

The last two weeks I had the chance to go on a nice trip with my family through the southeast region of Brazil.

Along with the sightseeing we mapped some POIs in the cities where we visited. It was a great experience!

Park mapping

Posted by Linhares on 28 June 2013 in English (English)

Today I grabbed my bike and went to map Parque Ezechias Heringer. I was motivated because this is a new place that doesn’t show in other sites ( cough Google cough).

I was lucky to find a dirt track alongside the metro line that I was curious if it existed. It does. And the pavement is not that bad. But there is a creek halfway that you have to cross by foot. MapMyTracks log here.

Abraços, Linhares

Location: Guará, Região Integrada de Desenvolvimento do Distrito Federal e Entorno, Federal District, Central-West Region, Brazil