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Journey searching for a facade survey app about 8 hours ago

@SimonPoole: Well, guess it’s time for me to try and get on the Vespucci bandwagon once more

Journey searching for a facade survey app about 10 hours ago

@orthocircular: GeoMapper doesn’t seem opensource which is important to me. Is OpenMapKit still maintained? Moreover its documentation looks kinda complex for my use.

Journey searching for a facade survey app about 11 hours ago

@GOwin: You’re right I should have emphasised the fork aspect of Organic Maps, I’ll correct that. Regarding the team behind it the Readme state that it was “developed with love by MapsWithMe (MapsMe) founders and our community”

GeoNotes looks really interesting, I’ll go check it !

@SimonPoole: Absolutely. I’m on a 2013 Sony XperiaM C1904 running LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) last updated on 2018.

@jambamkin: Until now I never distinguished OSMGo! from Go Map!! and didn’t look at it. You’re right, it is interesting but lacks an Export feature that would allow me to further process surveyal data before uploading.

Parking_space micromapping JOSM method overview about 1 month ago

As far as I know while disaster mapping for HOT, buildings are quite easy to mass relocate as long as nodes aren’t shared between elements. In this case, parking spaces doesn’t have to be linked to anything else, if not the parking polygon itself in certain configurations.

One would simply have to be careful of that matter and simply duplicate and separate shared nodes (Unglue function under JOSM, shortcut G) before moving.

Parking_space micromapping JOSM method overview about 1 month ago

@jidanni Ha, don’t worry about that. I’m not crazy enough to do that kind of mapping through GPS data (although I assume that would be fine using RTK devices).

I wouldn’t worry too much about aerial image offset either. In France we have access to building footprints through the Cadastre, using it as a baselayer it’s easy enough to verify the (absence of) image offset. In case someday we discover there is indeed some kind of offset, I assume it would be quite easy to simply move all the parking spaces elements.

Parking_space micromapping JOSM method overview about 1 month ago

@m-ezd That’s nice to know! In my case I find it easier not to tinker too much with these settings especially as I also use it for it’s main purpose that is mapping buildings. It would be useful for anyone starting a mapping session in heavy parking areas.

Parking_space micromapping JOSM method overview about 2 months ago
  1. The Gridify plugin apply the tags of the “overall shape” to the splitted elements. So it’s a generally a breeze to tag. The buildingTools plugin simply create elements with building=yes, I delete it while still in “overall shape” and add the parking_space related tags before splitting.

  2. Ha, thanks for the tip! That’s what I thought but the preview somehow didn’t showed the pictures so I just let it has it is thinking the problem was coming from somewhere else (Some pics where freshly uploaded, that may have been the issue here).

Tactile Paving in the UK & using it to estimate crossing & sidewalk widths 3 months ago

For what it’s worth, in France we also have a limited range of dimensions regarding tactile paving. We have a lot of rules about pedestrian crossings such as: * 40 cm width for tactile paving (120 cm minimum total length) which seems identical with your values ; * 50 cm distance to the road (kerb included). In front of the paving, the kerb should have a max height of 2 cm to be considered “ flushed” and 5 cm on the sides. Unfortunately of the 4 rules mentionned, only the first is frequently respected. The reason being that it would require too much supplementary work to reduce the size of standardized slabs.

What is the pleasure in mapping? 4 months ago

Without going into the details (and also because I’m no expert in that subject), I would like to point that “mapping” has a very broad definition. Not all of us create OpenStreetMap’s items, does that even counts as “mapping” or is it some form of pinpointing on a canvas arbitrary words ? What’s a map in that matter ? Is someone mapping by taking pictures of a place ? How about without even taking pictures but just strolling through streets and sharing it ?

In my case, I just do like data hoarding and sharing. OpenStreetMap is the perfect place as it gave me the opportunity to share my local knowledge, my own perception of the world. Furthermore it makes me feel that childish pleasure of creating treasure’s maps, adding POI at waypoints, and sharing it with friends to play with.

Mapping curves 4 months ago

Ha! iD normie problems. JOSM users already have those kind of mapping tools through add-ons like Spline !

(Joking, no offense here, I applaud how you integrated such essential features to iD)

Avant/Après n°1 - La Vallée des Tortues 5 months ago

Très beau travail ! J’aurais presque envie de retourner au zoo local pour faire la même si j’étais pas aussi feignant et que la météo plus clémente.

Si je peux me permettre, je pense qu’il y a une erreur de clé pour le nom des espèces. Ceux-ci devraient entrer sous la clé :


plutôt que name. Le must serait encore de lier à l’objet Wikidata avec un :


pour être tout à fait exhaustif et favoriser l’automatisation de la traduction des infos (Ce qui n’est par exemple pas le cas sur le zoo de Berlin et qui m’empêche à la fois de savoir quelles espèces y sont et potentiellement d’ajouter l’attribut moi même si j’avais pas accès à des traducteurs en ligne).

Amusement park modifications 5 months ago

Nice work. While the rendering may not be perfect yet, what I’d really love is an amusement park themed OpenStreetMap layer emphasing POI rather than infrastructure so that we can all see our areas as kids again.

Sustainable Travel Expenses Resolution – Request for Support 12 months ago

Count me in.

Distance to nearest building in North America about 1 year ago

I definitely need a tutorial for this kind of thing ! Let’s say to show the distance to the nearest parking in any area or other OSM entities.