antigua data on a garmin gpsmap64s

Posted by Lee De Cola on 1 February 2018 in English (English)

downloaded osm data to use while driving on/sailing about the island. simply a lifesaver while driving in an area with many narrow, potholed, unmarked roads!

2 problems:

*the map display was generally dark, monochrome, and difficult to read while bouncing around.

*it seemed like where ever i wanted to go that took me from north to south i was often routed thru St Johns, the capital, with narrow hard-to-navigate streets - any idea why?

thanks for a great service!

Location: Reston Town Center, Reston, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA

Comment from andy mackey on 2 February 2018 at 21:54

If you connect the GPS to your PC and run Basecamp is the map monochrome or colour on the PC. If colour try adjusting the gps display settings including brightness. Try out routing on your PC how well does routing work on the OSM map page and on Basecamp. You could force the GPS to route another way by using "goto" to an intermediate point then go from there to the destination. Could also post where you got the OSM on garmin map from? Maybe someone has or will try that same download and say if they had the same problem, they may have had the same problem or they may even have a fix that they can share. or a better chance of getting an answer try asking some questions on OSM help forum but please say where the download was from. that should give some clues to the source of the problem(s).

Comment from Warin61 on 2 February 2018 at 23:44

OSM is the data used by map makers to render (make) the map.

How it routes -- OSM problem? Possibly the other roads are not 'connected' to the other roads, or have not been entered into OSM , or have some characteristic to dissuade their use (access=private for example). As I'm a long way away and have no interest I'm not investigating - enough to do in 'my' local areas.

How it looks --- rendering problem? There are several map mappers using OSM data .. which one did you chose?

Comment from Lee De Cola on 3 February 2018 at 04:45

i'm embarrassed to say i can't find the source now (it wasn't because they give you ALL of the Caribbean, and i only got Antigua, Barbuda, Nevis....)

1) the basecamp symbology is fairly bright and in color, but i can't make the garmin any brighter, even in DAY mode (i have screenshots, but don't know how to attach).

2) basecamp shows 2 routes, one thru st johns, so i guess the best way is to select an intermediate point.

(i'd send screenshots, but that doesn't seem supported here) - THANKS FOR YOUR SUGGESTIONS!

Comment from Warin61 on 3 February 2018 at 23:13

A correction; "How it looks --- rendering problem? There are several map maKERS using OSM data .. which one did you chose? "

Possible source? ?? That has a few rendering options to select from. But I think your screen/colour problem is more likely to be with the GPS settings ... Good Luck finding it .. they don't make things easy.

--- Side note ... I also occasionally use mainly for an error source for correcting OSM data.

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