Local Chapters and Communities Congress 2020

Posted by LCCWG on 16 November 2020 in English (English)

Every year during State of the Map, starting in 2016, there has been a Local Chapters Congress session where representatives and members of Local Chapters that have been recognised by the Foundation and other local mapping communities meet together to talk about experiences and challenges in starting, building up, and growing enthusiastic local communities of OSM mappers.

Due to the pandemic, we unfortunately could not hold the Local Chapters Congress this year during the virtual State of the Map 2020 last July. However, the Local Chapters and Communities Working Group, or LCCWG, has decided to push through with a separate virtual event at the end of this year’s OSM Geography Awareness Week! (Trivia: the LCCWG was in fact formed as a result of the Local Chapters Congress 2019.)

If you lead a local OSM community or are interested in starting or growing your local mapping community, you are invited to attend the Local Chapters and Communities Congress 2020 this November 21, Saturday, starting at 1200 UTC.

More info here including the link to the registration form:

See you there! 🥳🗺️

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