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Do I call out Toronto Police Service over their lack of OSM attribution? 6 days ago

More of a they don’t know where their maps are from case. Applications have a part in informing credits to ask for attribution.

Edit tags directly from 24 days ago

Is it simple enough you can make a bookmarklet ver?

Osm Go! is looking for translators and developers about 2 months ago

You should specify “Chinese (traditional)” is localized for PRC to clarify it is based on Simplified (assuming from the flag). On top of “ some terms is not the same” for Taiwan Mandarin, Cantonese (viz Hong Kong, which is yet different in Macau and Guangdong) uses an entirely different language as well. @Supaplex There is a “Chinese (TW)” now.

Towards unified tagging of schools 2 months ago

You have not discussed amenity=training + training=. Expanding amenity=school isn’t a good idea, which might be why all the amenity=*_school appeared in the first place.

I’m not sure any driving course would be considered post-secondary. Despite the many meanings of “college”, a bachelor offering institution is likely a =university.

ISCED has Fields, aside from Programme (and Attainment). Furthermore, The reason why “Programme” is suggested over “Level” is exactly because additional categories such as “Professional Bachelor” isn’t a “Level”. Only “Bachelor equivalent” is a level. There is also issue with mixing different categories.

Information about network:route:bus:type custom tag. (deprecated) 3 months ago

If a rural route crosses the municipality border slightly, tagging it as =intercity looks misleading as a true city–city route. As seen in your example 1 and 2, this leads to a mix of them; and semi-colon multi-value is something to be wary of.

Something like designation= on roads for the official classification of routes would be nice, to directly tag *=城市公交 etc. For networks, there is a network:area= in the wild to bridge network=*cn for non-motorized modes, hierarchical eg =JP:national for roads, and branding eg network=JR for transit.

For a tentative local-only solution, suffixing *:CN-SH= is possible.

Information about network:route:bus:type custom tag. (deprecated) 3 months ago

There was already (most of it needs to be improved); and or for railways.

Route is route. Network is network. Slightly mismatching to put them together. Using network:route:*= (not to mention the pitfalls of *:type=) makes me think the network is within a city or intercity, rather than only a route. =city, =urban, and =town are unclear. A general problem with the =suburban terminology is it is unclear whether the route is radial city–suburb, or circumferential or local within the suburbs only. (or even cross-city suburb–city–suburb)

Hong Kong peaks' name edit wars 4 months ago

Thanks for your effort. Sorry I didn’t get any reply in email for my report, so I ended up nagging you.

黙々 4 months ago
  1. You can use building:levels= to count the number of floors, without adding building:height= directly. Both are used in 3D renders, eg and (and other applications).
  2. More convenient to add lanes= at first, but measuring width= on GSI map is also easy (especially for lane_markings=no).
About Key:departures_board 6 months ago

You can ask questions on OSM Help.

website= would link a general page/tab in a website, perhaps showing basic info and route. To explicitly to link some particular info (especially on different sub-page / tabs), better use *:url=. There’s already opening_hours:url=, and it’s not a different website. Eg interval:url= if needed.

departures_board=delay actually means the headway/interval to show service frequency, not disruption delays. Mistranslation in the original.

Help mapping a bus gate with opening hours that *extend* rather than *override* the regular rule. 6 months ago

On the other hand, I don’t want to disable too many roads during daytime. I do use the “most of the time” criteria with deciding motor_vehicle= default =yes or =no. In this case, it’s nighttime and on weekends.

@xyzl It’s not Tagging For Router if it is correct data. (Moreover many renderers only considers access=)

Help mapping a bus gate with opening hours that *extend* rather than *override* the regular rule. 6 months ago

For visibility, ask questions on OSM Help. Diary is more for showing your thoughts or solution. Not as many read this I assume.

You need to know comma and semi-colon have different meanings. Simplified explanation: , is for additional rules; ; for overriding rules.

The correct tag could be motor_vehicle:conditional=no @ (Fr,Sa, PH -1 day 20:00-24:00, Sa,Su 00:00-05:30; PH 00:00-05:30). The critical difference is =*, PH -1 day 20:00-24:00*. Verify,Sa, PH -1 day 20:00-24:00, Sa,Su 00:00-05:30; PH 00:00-05:30&lat=51&lon=0&mode=0&DATE=1650020460000 (set to England on Good Friday) by playing around with the date and syntax.

Do not map like this (a collection of incorrect mapping practices) 10 months ago

That’s a long discussion for a diary. I will simply mention one of my recent observations on angled intersection geometry: Make a right-angle by considering a perpendicular line normal to the give-way / stop / signal line (as a tangent).