The Orchard

Posted by Kevo on 30 July 2008 in English (English)

Just finished the Orchard neighbourhood of Burlington. Only a couple of streets missing plus paths; however, the map of this area is the most-up-to-date and complete map of this neighbourhood on the Internet besides official City of Burlington maps (see transit maps), it is even more complete than the Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Live) sets. I hope to add in a majority of the paths that go through the neighbourhood soon too before I'm away from home. Also, I'd like to add in as many parks as possible in the 4 northern neighbourhoods: Millcroft, Headon, Tyandaga, and the Orchard.

Millcroft is complete as is Headon Forest neighbourhoods and I'm still working on Tyandaga. I'm doing a bit of the Thomas Alton neighbourhood too with the GPS to try and get some of that completed.

I'll also be cleaning up the streets I've drawn soon to make the corners a bit smoother.

-Streets of Headon, Millcroft, Orchard.
To Do:
-Finish Tyandaga;
-Orchard paths.
Working On:
-Alton neighbourhood;
-Parks + other trinkets you'd find at the side of the road;
-Giving regional roads for all of Halton proper reference numbers.

Questions/Comments? Feel free to PM me.

Location: Orchard, Burlington, Halton Region, Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, L7L 7J8, Canada

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