Updated Imagery and Adding Golf Courses

Posted by Kevo on 4 December 2013 in English (English)

Over the last two or so weeks I've been on and off for edits, but two things seem to be occupying my time lately.

Updates with New Imagery

Updating new areas in Burlington and Hamilton, Ontario with the new Bing imagery that was recently added. It appears to be 20-30cm resolution and was taken Spring 2013, but the looks of the progress on some projects I am familiar with.

It looks like Bing went a little wild with their unsharp mask they applied (it can be easily noticed at the edge of tree canopies), but overall the imagery is of high quality and great for editing with.

Golf Courses

After reading a MapBox blog post about the outdoors map they are creating and some examples of golf courses being rendered, I decided to try my hand.

I managed to add one in a morning (Millcroft G&C.C.) and over a couple of edits I added Lakeview G&CC in Mississauga.

I think they turned out quite well and can't wait to see them in MapBox's final rendered product!

That's it for now on my first diary post in 5 years. Maybe I'll do them a bit more often...

Location: Dalecroft, Millcroft, Burlington, Halton Region, Ontario, L7M4A9, Canada

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