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Via Monte Napoleone almost 5 years ago

Great detail! Adding POIs in an editor takes a lot of time indeed. Can’t imagine how many hours it took you to add all these.

Стихотворение про OpenStreetMap over 6 years ago

Гениально! Прям подняло настроение с утреца :-)

Warning: GPS tracks recorded with an iPhone can be a waste about 7 years ago

ianlopez1115, it does not apply to iOS 5 and earlier versions because there were no apple maps there. By the way could anyone try recording a track on iOS 7 and see if the problem remains? (InsideRoomB says it should not)

Warning: GPS tracks recorded with an iPhone can be a waste about 7 years ago

kusmi, yes, we did the reverse test, iPhone 3GS does the same sort of alignment when the road network is available, and iPhone 5 acts as iPhone 3GS when it is offline. Have a close look here:

This can be nothing else but the alignment to existing roads (the real road is ≈ 10 m away; we were 3 times on that intersection).

Warning: GPS tracks recorded with an iPhone can be a waste about 7 years ago

We used GPS Kit Free but I’ve heard from a couple of people that the same issue exists in other apps too. I’m wondering if the alignment is hard-coded on the OS layer or сan be disabled when the app requests the location using the API.

Справочник технолога общественного питания about 7 years ago


Anyone has a tool to fix this kind of way? over 7 years ago

There are many other thins to fix in your area, e.g. missing or detached nodes at the intersections or duplicate road segments:

Good luck!

Anyone has a tool to fix this kind of way? over 7 years ago

Try splitting the way in JOSM:

Just select the road and the node at the T-intersection and press P. The bottom branch will separate and become a circular way. Now you’ll need to select both ends of this line, press P again and then delete one of the obtained overlapping ways.

Deleting the entire objects is something one should avoid. Apart from loosing their history there is a chance of breaking some urls. For instance, a number of Flickr images are tagged as osm:node=123 or osm:way=123, which links them directly to objects on the map.

Hope it helps!

How about mapping all buildings in London before the Olympics? over 8 years ago

Harry, I agree with the “from-the-centre-working-outwards” approach.

To achieve that, we could try do the mapping in several phases. For instance, we can create a cake with 40-60 slices covering travel zone 1 only + wiki page with instructions and see how the progress goes. If there are enough volunteers to cover that, we'll switch to phase 2 and let people do buildings in Canary Wharf and around the Olympic Park, and so on. Comments to cake slices on mapcraft can help us to tell remote mappers about recent changes we know about to protect people from mistakes. But the approach in general can be close to crisis mappings organised by HOT. I expect enough volunteers if we do all announcements well as the challenge is quite important for OpenStreetMap both in terms of usefulness and popularity. Olympics is a good chance to tell about ourselves to thousands of new people!

OpenStreetBugs is a handy tool here, but to my mind we should pay more attention not on that, but on the actual outline accuracy level in the area. I've looked recently at the buildings in Bloomsbury and places around, and to my unfortunate found that the quality of outlines is very bad in many places, as some things there were mapped before Bing became available (even by us on mapping parties). We simply can't remap everything ourselves by Olympics.

Finding a location for the next mapping party will be always easy - filtering stuff in JOSM is enough to find places with no POIs and addresses. Having pre-traced buildings is the only chance for us to cover 2-3 times more that we usually do.

I would not worry too much about the imagery offsets, as fixing that is very easy. Giving the list with numbers and a small reminder on a wiki page is enough to my mind.

How about mapping all buildings in London before the Olympics? over 8 years ago

chriscf, I’ve mentioned this aspect in the post, if you haven’t noticed. Bing in London is dated Oct 2011, and is just a few months old.

Counting faces in SOTM 2011 group photo about 9 years ago

Oh, didn’ spot that ‘magic’. Are you sure the name of that guy is Peter Batty, not David Blaine?

Updated diary entry, thanks!

South Kensington meet-up over 9 years ago

Shame on me that I didn’t suggest anyone to upload their videos ­­- can't get rid of putting things to the back burner.

Regarding building heights: ITO world has a layer for verifying “building:levels” or “height” tags, here is the link of an example:

Больше сервисов с данными OSM хороших и разных over 9 years ago

Прикольно получилось!

Есть маленькое предложение по улучшению: добавить поле поиска или чек-боксы для фильтрации техники по типам.
Допустим, я захожу на карту, хочу найти башенный кран. Приблизился к своей стройке на карте. Вижу рядом с собой 20 пиктограмм. Приходится кликнуть по каждой, прочитать. Когда прочитал последнюю, забыл, что было в первой. При этом мне попадутся всего пару кранов, 10 погрузчиков и 8 экскаваторов — неудобно :)

Я как пользователь хочу задать фильтр того, что я ищу. Либо ввести куда-нибудь какое-нибудь слово, либо снять/поставить какие-нибудь галочки. На мой взгляд, Самый простой вариант: каждой точки навешивать теги, и фильтровать по ним путём поля ввода с автокомплитом и 10 самыми популярными категориями в выпадающем списке по умолчанию.

Первая картовечеринка в Пензе. Отчёт. over 9 years ago

2seav: Sorry, three Alexanders. I forgot to count myself :)

Первая картовечеринка в Пензе. Отчёт. over 9 years ago

2coolkaas: Саня, так ты же сам там и побывал :)

2seav: We had two Alexeys and two Alexanders. I don’t know why Google translates Alexey as just Alex. Being honest, that translation is total crap. I could not even read a quarter of the text and closed the tab.

Классификация памятников over 9 years ago

Соглашусь, дело нужное.

Funny Things happen in Antarctica over 9 years ago

Just someone tried to vandalise the map. Why not to just delete those lines and POIs?

MapCraft. Cake diagrams just went clickable! + London events over 9 years ago

First time Mapcraft was used in Gelendzhik, one of famous resort towns on Black sea in Russia. The cake is not available, as Hind changed Mapcraft since then, but the progress of that huge remote mapping party can be viewed here:

The Marylebone meet-up over 9 years ago

The fifth slice was manually added by Hind, so now the cake looks great!

The Marylebone meet-up over 9 years ago

Hind, that looks cool!

Just to try your service, I’ve made the cake for the next London mapping party there:

It’s missing the 5th slice as I did’t close the area in JOSM and don’t know how to fix it or delete the whole pie.

Hind, how about the feature of adding ref # to slices using osm tags? Global slice id is not the best thing to refer. It would be also a good thing to have an option to refer slices directly using anchors and javascript, e.g. /pie/50#42

Many thanks for this brilliant tool!