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Tinnheia, Slettheia, Southern Lund tagged and Hånes traced

Posted by Jarl Arntzen on 21 August 2012 in English (English)

Almost every road in the southern part of Lund, Tinnheia and Slettheia are now surveyed (on bike) and tagged with names, types and restrictions. I really finished this last week during the very nice sunny days while I was home alone. Refreshing.

Part of Hånes

I quickly traced the Hånes roads and paths too right now. I'll keep them as highway=road until I've collected the names since this makes the roads more visible.

If anyone are able to trace the are south-west of Søm (nice work there, btw) and Sørlandsparken, it would be very nice and much appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

As soon the sun comes for a visit again, I'll go for another survey at Hånes and the remainder of Lund.

Soon...soon the map of Kristiansand will be better and richer than it ever was in the past.

Kvadraturen mapped for driving and tourists

Posted by Jarl Arntzen on 8 August 2012 in English (English)

Kvadraturen roads were already very well mapped and named so I focused on recording the particulars of all the pesky one-way streets, streets only permitted for buses, turn restrictions and the like. Even if Kvadraturen is essentially a grid, many routes through the city center require surprisingly massive detours and will only be routed correctly if all the finicky driving restrictions are available in the map. On one particular occasion, I only moved 400m if measured in straight line while my car speedometer read 2.4 km due to all the detours.

I've also added restaurants, cafes, hotels (not nearly half), ATMs and other useful stuff for tourists. It's kind of embarrassing - I've walked, driven and cycled these streets ~500 times but I was still very surprised to see how many details there are to map when you're really paying attention.

Ok...enough rambling.

I also surveyed and named the streets in the small residential area north of the grid. Here there's the funny case where one end of a short 50 m street has one name ("Fergefjellet") and the other end a different name ("Sigurd Gundersens gate"). How did it end up like that..?

Ok...ok... really too much rambling now. Next time: Outskirts of Kvadraturen and, hopefully, much more.

Almost all roads in Vågsbygd...named

Posted by Jarl Arntzen on 4 August 2012 in English (English)

Spent 2-3 hours bicycling around all of Vågsbygd taking notes of the street signs. Nice and fresh air, pleasant temperature, quite hilly. In all a very good workout.

Now, arguably, these roads are not high priority or frequently used by anyone who's not already very familiar with the roads. I'll probably just go for Kristiansand center next, concentrating on tourist accommodation, restaurants, cafes and sights.

After that, Slettheia is a good candidate for road naming and a new 2 hour workout.

Vågsbygd has never looked better :)

Posted by Jarl Arntzen on 2 August 2012 in English (English)

Thanks, community! I was really dreading the task of remapping Kristiansand after the redaction bot had been cut loose on the world but this has so far gone a lot faster than expected.

Vågsbygd, Kjos, Voie and Andøya are now in pretty good shape and Jaktodden has actually never looked better as before it was just marked as a residential area without any roads.

115 are done and 30 validated according to the Task Manager (50% done soon) and I expect the last 50% will be a lot easier :)

Big chunks north of Lund, the area around the University of Agder, are still blank though, so there's tracing left to do.

South-east of Varoddbrua, Odderhei and further south are blank and even an entire island has gone missing south of Tømmerstø. It has actually been traced again but updates of the coastline seems very infrequent. Back north of E18 Hånes still needs to be traced.

I think I can verify at least a couple more squares at the OSM Task Manager but I'm turning in for the night.



Slettheia retracing complete

Posted by Jarl Arntzen on 31 July 2012 in English (English)

It took a lot less time than anticipated, I've only traced the roads, though. As I like to run or cycle around, I'll simply lift the road names off the signs the old fashioned way - by physically surveying all roads on bike or foot.

Should prove to be a very good workout :)

Remapping Kristiansand

Posted by Jarl Arntzen on 31 July 2012 in English (English)

As I've just returned from a long holiday, travelling between various hotels in Italy, I've learned to appreciate the directions from the OSM-based GSM.

In short, Italy is very well mapped for tourists. The only exception being wrongly mapped one-way streets here and there.

I intend to give those visitors to Kristiansand using OSM the same service by prioritizing and properly mapping roads from the tourists perspective.

My priorities here are: 1. One-way streets properly marked. 2. Restaurants, cafes, grocery stores properly marked. 3. Tourist sights available.

Edit: + 2.1 Hotels, hostels, motels, any accomodation at all + 2.2 Minibanks/ATMs