Taking Shape

Posted by James Tait on 28 August 2008 in English (English)

Since getting my grubby little mitts on a GPS receiver, I've been a bit like a kid with a new toy. I don't have masses of free time to go out specifically for the purpose of gathering traces, so I promised myself I'd just do it as and when I was out and about.

So I did and it worked... to a point. I had a minor issue with the Dell BT-309 not working with GpsMid on the Nokia 6280 after I'd hooked it up to JOSM on my laptop. The GPS was showing it had a fix, but GpsMid was saying no fix. If I changed the mode to Sirf instead of NMEA then when I loaded GpsMid it would centre the map on my current position, but the position was never refreshed. It turned out that gpsd or JOSM (I'm still not sure which) had put the GPS into binary mode, while GpsMid was expecting plain old NMEA. Or something. So I lost a day's tracking to that little snag.

Since then I've broken my promise to myself and taken two expeditions for no other reason than I wanted to get some tracks. Monday night I took a walk around the back streets north of the A5111 and West of Upper Dale Road to fill in some of the GPS blanks and line up the streets I'd traced from the NPE. Tuesday night I took a drive around south of the A5111 and east of Stenson Road, filling in some of the bits that had been bugging me because I just couldn't get them to fit.

Those areas are taking shape now and I'm very pleased with the results so far. There are still more bits that need doing -- including a whole load of new (well, since the NPE!) developments south of Browning Circle I had no idea even existed -- but what's there now is, for the most part, accurate and has GPS data to support it.

Location: Peartree, Derby, East Midlands, England, DE23 8RR, United Kingdom

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