Mapping the Nelson/Stoke/Richmond area in New Zealand

Posted by InTheSand on 25 January 2008 in English (English)


Anyone else reading this from the Nelson area and own a GPS? I've been mapping what I can of the area since the end of last year and Stoke is certainly looking quite good now, but still quite a bit of missing detail for Nelson and Richmond.

I've discovered the 'uber-device' for doing this sort of thing: the Nokia E90 Communicator. The built-in GPS works well, and the Nokia Sports Tracker allows direct export to GPX format. Additionally, the camera and PDA-style functionality work well on mapping expeditions.

Got myself a mountain bike at the start of January (after a 2+ year gap of no cycling) so am combining getting fitter with getting the area mapped!

And... My other half helps - she does lots of running and recently got a Garmin Forerunner GPS watch - which can also export traces to GPX with some additional software...

Started using Merkaartor, but now using Potlatch as I got fed up with it failing to create roads and then leaving a load of orphaned points on the map! Looked briefly at JOSM but can't say I like its interface very much!

- Ali (InTheSand)

Location: Monaco, Nelson, 7020, New Zealand

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