Edit History partitially broken?

Posted by IOOI on 26 March 2011 in English (English)

Lots of my edits of March 2010 which I did in the area of the Jizera Mountains somehow lost the information that I created those. Lets look at just one example here:

When selecting Way 68344945 in this area using the data overlay of the flyout I now get the following information for this way:

Way 68344945 Details
highway: residential
source: IOOI:GPS
surface: asphalt
width: 3
History for Way 68344945 Details
Edited by filippoo at 2010-07-18T12:12:35Z

Although it says "source: IOOI:GPS" because I tagged this way like this I appear nowhere in the edit history, also not on the pages with the detailed information:

Way: 68344945

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Edited at: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 12:12:35 +0000
Edited by: filippoo
Version: 1
In changeset: 5250597
Comment: Jizerske hory -turist mark
highway = residential
source = IOOI:GPS
surface = asphalt
width = 3
660539237 (also part of ways 68344946 and 51756135)
660539221 (also part of way 51756137)
Part of:
Relation 36420
Relation 387340

This is quite strange since I can clearly see it in my original change set:

but there this part of the way is somehow missing from the list of ways:

Has the following 7 ways:
51756129, v1
51756132, v1
51756134, v1
51756135, v1
51756137, v1
51414759, v3
51511807, v2

Btw. the ways-parts right before and after Way 68344945 still bear my initial creation edit entry:

the way before:

Way 51756135 Details
highway: residential
source: IOOI:GPS
surface: asphalt
width: 3
History for Way 51756135 Details
Edited by filippoo at 2010-07-18T12:12:51Z
Edited by IOOI at 2010-03-05T01:55:01Z

the way after:

Way 51756129 Details
highway: residential
source: IOOI:GPS
surface: asphalt
width: 3
History for Way 51756129 Details
Edited by ell at 2011-01-28T19:24:52Z
Edited by IOOI at 2010-03-05T01:55:01Z

see the whole initial edit on the map here:

And this was only one example out of many of my edits in the Jizera Mountains for which this happened. I leave it to the reader to examine other edits of my history.

So after my lengthy indroduction / eplanation now my questions: Does somebody know what is going on here? What implications does this have in legal ways e.g. I for instance applied to the new contributor terms. So what legal status does a way I created bear when it no loger can be attributed to me but to some mapper who might not have applied to the new contributor terms? Just curious!

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Comment from lyx on 26 March 2011 at 07:16

I have no idea of the legal implications, but what happened is pretty simple: Another user did split way 51756135, so it became two ways; one still existing as (now shorter) way 51756135, which still carries your edit in its history, and the new way 68344945, its history starting at that moment with the other user. In general, when an object is split, only that of the resulting objects that keeps the original id keeps the history and the other resulting objects start with a history that begins at the moment of the split.

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