Cycle route stats - good, bad and inaccurate

Posted by Hawkeye on 15 May 2013 in English (English)

Cycle route stats

In an effort to calculate some cycle route stats in Scotland for this weekend's cycling protest called Pedal on Parliament, I created a cycle stats website.

It uses an R script to download the latest data from fabulous Geofabrik, it then cookie cuts .osm Scotland into MSP constituencies. The boundary data is from OS Open Data (simplified and processed into polylines in QGIS). The .osm data is converted into data.frames and analysed using osmar library for cycle route relations and ways.

There are more than a few assumptions and hacks in the process and some unexpected results.

Basically, I think I'm asking a bit too much of the osmar library and I need to try a database approach. But it works - kind of.


source code

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