New Lanark Mapping Party

Posted by Hawkeye on 19 April 2012 in English (English)

Natural features such as woodlands, trees and gardens as well as built infrastructure like paths, gates, fences and parks can all be mapped on OpenStreetMap. All this information is key to understanding our green infrastructure and presents a new platform for communities and citizens to map and share their local knowledge. This idea lead to an application to Central Scotland Green Network's fund via Clyde Valley Green Network for resources to organise a 'mapping party' at New Lanark and a map making workshop at the Electron Club, CCA, Glasgow. Providing a learning opportunity to local mappers and groups to use OpenStreetMap to map natural and built features around New Lanark and create their own customise maps. The location was chosen because of the great mix of natural woodland and cultural features in this World Heritage Site. A snapshot of the level of detail can be seen in the map below (created at the mapping workshop):

newlanark_tiz by macrofight

These mapping events were successfully held in March. Attracting mapping enthusiasts, local people concerned for their environment and various environmental and community representatives. All these volunteers helped create a really detailed map of New Lanark using various mapping techniques including using smartphones, cameras and paper-based methods. The data was further enhanced by tracing from aerial imagery and maps from non-copyrighted sources. See the results here Corra Linn, New Lanark (photo taken by Chris Fleming while mapping):

Falls of Clyde

What's next for OpenStreetMap and greenspace? Central Scotland Green Network are looking at ways to integrate OpenStreetMap information to assess pedestrian accessibility to urban greenspace. This is a ground-breaking project, the first to use volunteered geographic information to help increase understanding of greenspace. And we're only just getting started.

Find out about more events and news at OSMScotland twitter or look on the Scotland wiki. The next meet-up is in Glasgow on Tu 15 May 7pm, CCA Terrace bar - all welcome, come along for an informal chat about mapping. Mapping party introduction at New Lanark: New Lanark mapping party

Location: New Lanark, Braxfield Farm, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML11 9DJ, United Kingdom

Comment from Tom Chance on 20 April 2012 at 12:38

This all sounds great, keep us updated on future developments.

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