Some picks from the 30 Day Map Challenge

Posted by Harry Wood on 7 December 2021 in English. Last updated on 12 January 2022.

“30 Day Map Challenge” happened over November. Remembering this from last year, I knew we were in for a bombardment of cartographic creations on the #30DayMapChallenge hashtag. Combining this with a search for “OpenStreetMap” mentions I sat back and let the mappy goodness flow into my tweetdeck for the whole month.

30 Day Map Challenge daily challenges

Here’s some I particularly liked:

I’m sorry, this diary entry would be much more fun if we could embed tweets, or otherwise put the images all on here. You’ll have to open them all. It’ll be worth it! Alternatively you can look yourself through the whole lot of tweets mentioning #30DayMapChallenge and OpenStreetMap. There’s a lot!

As usual with such things, a large part of me wanted to take part myself, but… a map creation every day? I admit I predicted I would fail and so didn’t even try. Hats off to all the dedicated folks who saw it through. I confined myself to “liking” them all on twitter.

I also retweeted some maps from @OSMLondon (any featuring London).

And speaking of OSMLondon… in October we got back to the pub for our first real face-to-face pub meet-up since the pandemic. That was great! And we’re going to do it again tomorrow night! If you’re in London, come along and join us. All the details on the wiki


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