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Posted by Grillo on 10 August 2019 in English (English)

Long time since I made a diary post but today I feel like it.

Some time ago the Swedish post company did a reorganisation, where most postboxes got their collection times changed. I have been retagging some of these over time, but two days ago when I realized not all postboxes in my home town are mapped (found this one), and the next day I realized two postboxes in my area were tagged wrong (one hasn’t existed since I moved here many years ago and one has been moved changeset) I figured I’d do something about this.

Yesterday I compared the postboxes existing in OSM with the ones on Postnord’s website, and made a list

page 1 page 2

I usually map on printed maps, so this was quite old school. I then went out today and took pictures of all the postboxes that were missing and noted down the new collection times.

Fascinatingly, one postbox that was missing from Postnord’s website actually existed in real life, confirming the OSM ideas of always checking what’s on the ground. Also, two claimed to exist were nowhere to be found.

This trip, even though it was quite local, took me about 5 hours including a short lunch break. This was far more time than expected, but felt satisfying in the end.

Final changeset

Actually inside gates that close after working hours: Actually inside gates that close after working hours

Apparently doesn’t exist: Apparently doesn't exist

Location: Stadskärnan, Centrum, Lund, Lund Municipality, Skåne County, Region Götaland, Sweden

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