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Platte River now has banks

Russ, It seems warm enough today for a geobeer or two; and, as you’re aware, weather in Colorado is seldom predictable.

Of course you’re correct, dcp. I was referring to area in the geometric sense and the drawing selection in ID, not the specific tag.

Potlatch needs fixing

Potlatch (assuming the TIGER steet name is correct) is now better aligned, along with US-26 and some other nearby ways. I’m now looking at a bigger TIGER mess south of the BN Railroad…

State of The Map 2011


Let me welcome you in advance to SOTM and Denver. I'm looking forward to your presentation and the chance to meet you.


Visitor to Broomfield Confirmed

I guess he must have phoned home and left. I see Sundance has started to make cycle paths from the impression left behind.

Visitor to Broomfield Confirmed

I see him in Yahoo. The Google imagery shows dirt piles and other debris over part of ET. Smells like a coverup to me!

Two Counties, One Road.

If the road is a single way in reality, it should be a single way on the map. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it. TIGER data is far from perfect and the left= and right= tags are often reversed or simply wrong.

The important attributes are the name, classification and location of the way, along with any governmental highway numbering or other relations. I would probably have done as you did and discarded one of the duplicate ways along with any remaining incorrect or doubtful tags (e.g. left- and right postal codes).


#OpenStreetMap + #Maperitive + @MapQuest = BoulderBikeNetwork

I like your Boulder bike map. I live in Centennial, and would like to see it (or something similar) extended south to cover Denver and this area.

Looking forward to seeing your published steps. How about presenting this in detail to the Colorado OSM Meetup group?


Idaho Springs Mapping

I agree with you about Hurricane and Steve and the efforts they've put into this project. The Idaho Springs meetup was a lot of fun, and we accomplished a great deal. You're right about Park County needing some work; and much of the rest of rural Colorado is just as bad. Perhaps we should plan some meetups up your way.

Getting accurate maps of High Mountain, WV

Not just WV. Colorado mountains (or plains--anywhere away from the cities) has the TIGER problem. I've been trying to fix Keystone, CO, but the photos are of a small scale and, when they were taken, it looks like several feet of snow were on the ground--not an easy task.
I see you're near Seneca Rocks. When I was in college in Philadelphia, we'd head down that way for a weekend of caving. I thought (and still do) West Virginia to be awesome!


Aerial Imagery Missing


I don't think it's just you.
Right now, there is no imagery around Denver (or Dallas); but I haven't seen any official acknowledgement yet.


You guys are great

Welcome aboard, nsx2000. You're right--Colorado needs a lot of work. I mostly work Denver and surrounding areas, but, I am somewhat familiar with CSU and Fort Collins.
I realize the wiki comments can be confusing and contradictory. I tend to be a little more conservative on the primary/secondary designations than some other contributors. I don't think all state highways deserve a "primary" classification. E.g. CO-75 through Littleton is only 2 lanes and not that heavily-used, so I rated it secondary. CO-72 from Arvada to Nederland is a winding mountain road through a few sparsely-populated communities, so it is secondary as well.
As for Ft. Collins, I would probably rate lesser-traveled feeder streets such as Elizabeth as tertiary, whereas Shields is a major thoroughfare and should be secondary. Also, make sure if you change a designation in one segment, other segments for that way need to be updated as well. I noticed some tertiary bridges on otherwise secondary roads. Also, SR-14 is primary along Mulberry, but I think it extends up Jefferson to US-287, so that stretch should also be primary. Some contributors think a primary or secondary road should end only at another primary or secondary road. Feel free to split a way at an intersection and designate the two resulting ways differently--even if they have the same name.
As for Tiger data, I generally realign the ways and change the tiger_review tag to "yes" if I've been in the area and am certain of the location and name. I'll leave the id tag and leave (or change if it's wrong) the name tag; but other tags, such as left and right postal codes, are frequently inaccurate and depend on an easily-reversed direction. I feel these extraneous tags should be subordinate to an otherwise accurate map, so they can be removed.
These are just my opinions. I know others have their own ideas. Good luck, and thanks for your efforts.

New York State railroads

Good for you, Russ!
Obviously, many of those lines are no longer. Any tips for tagging former/abandoned railroads? I'm primarily working Colorado streets and trails and aligning railroads, mainly as an afterthought as I encounter them. But there are a lot of former railroads, mostly in the mountains, that could be mapped.