#OpenStreetMap + #Maperitive + @MapQuest = BoulderBikeNetwork

Posted by Alfred Sawatzky on 1 February 2011 in English (English)

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I like cycling. I like OpenStreetMap. I discovered Maperitive a few months ago and thought I would try my hand at rendering my own custom-styled map tiles. I don't have a PostgreSQL database nor do I currently have the time to learn it. It turns out, that I don't need to if I am working on a city-scale project.
Together with Maperitive's scripting language and some Python scripts that I wrote, I have put together a framework that anyone can implement fairly easily to create their own tiles for a localized area and then host it on a web server (I am using Amazon S3 for my tile server). I hope to publish my steps in the next month or two.
And then not too long ago I discovered that the MapQuest Open Initiative made bicycle routing freely available based on the OpenStreetMap data. How cool is that! So now I can ride my bike while surveying for OSM and if I tag the paths correctly, everyone can route on them properly within a few days of me uploading the data.
You can see my BoulderBikeNetwork sandbox area at
Note: just today I saw this map that does alot of similar things that I have been thinking about. It is exciting to see the many uses for the OSM data!

Location: South 43rd Street, Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado, 80305, United States of America

Comment from DavidJDBA on 3 February 2011 at 14:44

I like your Boulder bike map. I live in Centennial, and would like to see it (or something similar) extended south to cover Denver and this area.

Looking forward to seeing your published steps. How about presenting this in detail to the Colorado OSM Meetup group?


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