Eastern corner of Finland

Posted by FinCorineImport on 3 September 2013 in English (English)

Corine import on most eastern corner of Finland

Location: Hatuntie, Ilomantsi, Joensuun seutukunta, North Karelia, Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland, Eastern Finland, Mainland Finland, 82967, Finland

Comment from Opk on 6 September 2013 at 20:44

Will be good to have more of Finland covered so the map doesn't have that line across the middle of it where the colour stops. I'm not convinced the previous Corine data is all that great, however. There is now decent bing imagery for some of the areas I care about and it is clear that things like edges of forests can be much improved manually from bing. It also seems to be quite generous in what is regarded to be natural=scrub. Why is natural=wood used instead of landuse=forest. The vast majority of forest in Finland is managed.

How important is it to preserve the clc:code tag if refining boundaries from bing. Sometimes, adjacent areas of forest can be merged to one area.

Did anything ever come of the possibility of importing the Maastotietokanta data that got released? Their maps are still much the best available for Finland.

Comment from FinCorineImport on 8 September 2013 at 07:16


Thanks about your note.

Well, Corine data is not greatest and newest data set. But I try to make Finnish OSM more useful.

This natural=wood / landuse=forest is pretty much (forest) political discussion. So, I decided to follow previous import, so all Corine data will use same tagging.

clc:code, maybe not so important, but may help later on when somebody is correcting / replacing this import.

Maastotietokanta: this still under a dicussion in Finnish community. But for me it is obvious that National Land Survey of Finland datasets will be imported to be part of OSM.

However Maastotietokanta don't have forestry polygons: Generally in Finland: everything what is not mapped = forest ;-)


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