This weekend

Posted by EdLoach on 7 September 2008 in English (English)

Not many traces this weekend, compared with the last couple of weeks. We pushed the pram from Clacton to Jaywick to track the footpath and cyclepath (well, mostly pushed - there was some carrying where drifts of sand had crossed the wall and made it impossible to push the pram).

On the plus side I worked out how to use the Waymarks in the Genie. A great addition. While I can import photos in JOSM against the track gpx, using the waypoints seems a much neater solution.

And I spent some time getting Tiles at Home running more reliably on mine and my wife's Windows machines (XP and Vista). Problems since all seem to be server related rather than client.

I considered cycling Lodge Road today but waited in for visitors who didn't make it in the end. Lodge Road seems to be marked on many maps as a road. I cycled it years ago and it starts as a poorly surfaced road and finishes at the other end as a track (at a gate that I pass regularly by car). I want to mark where it changes from road to track, having marked it on as a track with a gate at one end based on NPE maps in Potlatch and the knowledge it can't really be called a road.

Jaywick and Little Clacton are targets for tracing by car in the coming week, as I think I've got almost all the more central Clacton roads marked now. If fine I might get out on the bike and add PsOI (or should that be POIs?) instead. Or at least check it is still roadworthy.

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