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Posted by EdLoach on 18 August 2008 in English (English)

And working out how to use User Diaries. As a start this is the information from my wiki profile which I think should have been diary entries instead.

As at 15th August 2008 I became the owner of a Locosys Genie NaviGPS GT-31 - and am now working out how to drive it. Trial and error at the post office car park might have captured the route home, but we'll see.

18/08/2008 As it turns out it hadn't captured the route home - I hadn't set an interval for tracking my route. Since then I've done a few 1 second intervals of roads in and around Clacton, as well as a 5 second interval route pushing a pram around an industrial estate! Someone said this was addictive. Anyway, I think I've now mastered mini-roundabouts, roundabouts, level-crossings and bridges in JOSM and I'm getting the hang of the different street types. As an aside I went to Wivenhoe at the weekend (as chauffeur to daughters) and that looks beautifully mapped already. At some point I'll work out the OSM user diaries as I suspect I should move these sort of notes there.

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