Had a quick play with Bing tracing

Posted by EdLoach on 1 December 2010 in English (English)

I decided to concentrate on the landuse for the area bounded by Holland Road, Thorpe Road, Centenary Road and London Road initially. I'm quite pleased with how it has come out.

I've used a mixture of methods though. Sometimes I have shared nodes with multiple ways (some closed), and sometimes I've drawn ways and used a multipolygon to create an area. Both work, but I'm not sure which I prefer. I think shared nodes for landuse areas makes sense, but if I've defined all the boundaries of an area as a combination of fences and hedges it seems more sensible to add these to a multipolygon than put a landuse area on the top.

I see the addition of field boundaries when looked at with the almost complete footpath coverage in the district (thanks in part to user Steeplejack's magnificent efforts) as making the map useful for ramblers at last. It will be time consuming though - it's taken some hours to trace this area which I'm guessing is just over 1 km² and the total area of the (Tendring) district is about 300km². Having said that, I've traced the buildings on the south side of Holland Road and moved the house numbers (previously mapped on nodes) onto the buildings, and moved the nodes on the north side to the corner of the relevant property ready to convert to areas, and I don't plan on tracing buildings anywhere until I've collected the house numbers to tag them with.

For reference, Bing imagery is available up to z21 in this area. I have resisted the temptation to map trampolines in people's gardens...

Location: Tendring, Essex, East of England, England, CO16 9SB, United Kingdom

Comment from Sanderd17 on 1 December 2010 at 21:07

I have bing imagery up to zoom level 18, which is far better than the old yahoo (which I could only use in the minumum zoom of potlatch).

I'm finally able to draw buildings and landuses which I can't go around. And I'm doing quite a few buildings:

Comment from EdLoach on 1 December 2010 at 22:12

Yes, I only had Yahoo at z13 which was too blurred to make out field boundaries. I did use OS StreetView a bit but their building outlines are only approximations (but were better than me just sticking the number on an approximate node location, as I could use buildings to distinguish between say detached houses, semi-detached houses and terraces).

Comment from Sanderd17 on 1 December 2010 at 23:34

Just befor the news of the bing imagery came, I started mapping housenumbers. But when I heard the news, I stopped because it would be double work anyway.

And in Belgium, I've not met one company or government that donated something to OSM or made data public in general. I don't know how it comes. I guess they don't understand the benefits of "free", I think they only see it in the way of "giving away for free" and they aren't thinking about what they can get back from the community. So before bing, you could only map your own house with gps points.

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