A rare diary entry - Brook Country Park

Posted by EdLoach on 11 September 2010 in English (English)

Free time seems rare at present. Mapping has been restricted to about 10 minutes of house number surveying a (week)day recently. So finally getting some time to visit Brook Country Park between Brook Retail Park bottle bank and collecting my son from his nan's in Little Clacton was a small joy.

It is one of those little local niggles that has begun to be scratched. I found a whole half an hour to wander around the recently opened Brook Country Park for almost 30 minutes today. I almost mapped it before it opened earlier this year (dog walkers were already fairly evidently using it), but waited, and since it opened this is the first time I got beyond the car park.

I've used footway for the footpaths and path for the mown paths. This will probably invite comments on tagging, but I don't care. This makes sense to me and I'll continue to do it locally. I'll add surface tags to those ways I've overlooked when I get a moment. And hopefully get back before too long to add the other paths (all footways are done).

As an aside the latest JOSM is almost becoming a parody of a tagging tool. Amenity=bench is something I've tagged lots of, but the tagging presets in the new tested version are really over the top for something that doesn't even render in any of the renders I usually view. And when you look at highway=path which many UK mappers still use as the path equivalent of highway=road as in something which needs more details adding at a later time, the number of options is silly. Sac scale? Is that French? The paths I mapped today are near Tesco and one or two plastic bags have blown into the far side of the hedges - how do I tag that?

It's great to find such a large area so close to home where I can wield a GPS for more than waypoints. I was doing footpaths, but decided to leave that to Steeplejack as he is doing them so much quicker than I manage (it was good to see him when I was working at the Clacton Beer Festival a couple of weeks ago; pity I was so busy that I forgot to buy him the drink I'd promised. I owe you, if you're reading...). So house numbers it is locally. Tendring is road complete when compared via ITO to OS Locator, and we have a number of "roads", usually called Mews, which are usually named shared driveways that don't make it to OS Locator, but are an essential part of postal addresses.

Other validation tools I've looked at recently - there are a few bicycle shops still to map in the Tendring District; and this Routing tool that has expanded to cover all Europe rather than just .de has some other things I need to check. There were others but I can't find the link at present.

And as a matter of full disclosure, I'm approaching the end of a very nice half price Tesco Shiraz and have deliberately tried to be both humourous and provocative in the above diary entry. I suspect based on previous experience that it is the humour that won't come across as well as I'd hoped.

Location: Brook Retail Park, Tendring, Essex, East of England, England, United Kingdom

Comment from EdLoach on 11 September 2010 at 23:45

And as a comment, I need to work on the areas in Clacton. I wouldn't call this country park part of Bockings Elm, but Great Clacton. Not sure how the above diary entry decided a location, but until I know otherwise I'll blame Nominatim (and twain47 can blame my tagging of the places in return).

Comment from davespod on 14 September 2010 at 08:52

I have to agree with you regarding JOSM presets: tagging the colour of a bench really does take the biscuit.

Comment from EdLoach on 14 September 2010 at 09:19

I'll admit I have since mapped two benches and selected the back=no option... Having forgotten the other presets available I hadn't noted the colour or the material they were made from.

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