Edits of July 3--could use some guidance

Posted by EdHillsman on 3 July 2009 in English (English)

Three main areas of work today. One to finish entering the data from my visit to Weedon Island Preserve in northeast St. Petersburg, before I make another kayaking trip to another location tomorrow and get further behind. Completed footways and cleaned up the mainland coastline. The coastline that came with the map was coded inland of the mangrove areas, leaving them as offshore. I have edited the coastline to put them "onshore" and will deal with the islands once I figure out how to separate the mangrove part of the shore from "dry land" so that I can code the former as wetland=mangrove. There must be a way to draw a trace along the boundary between dry and wet, link it to the coastline on each end, and then declare the mangrove area to be a polygon, without having to retrace all the detail of the mangrove coastline. But I can't figure it out. Help and suggestions welcome.

The second to continue the ongoing process of recording land use, parking, etc. and untangling the surface streets near Brandon Mall.

The third to untangle the unbelievably complicated interweaving of I-75, the Crosstown expressway, and other limited-access-highway links to the west of Brandon Mall. It is complicated to drive, and now I am beginning to understand just why.

Location: Sterling Ranch, Brandon, Hillsborough County, Florida, 33569, United States of America

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