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Posted by EdHillsman on 18 May 2009 in English (English)

Today I managed my first upload from my new Garmin Edge 305. I've been mapping in Tampa, FL since attending a mapping party in late February, mostly from observing while driving, walking, or cycling, and then tracing from the Yahoo imagery. Now I can start mapping some of the areas I know have been built up or otherwise altered since the images were made (like the rebuilt interchange north of here, which I started today and will gradually complete as I have occasion to pass through it in all directions), and start getting systematic about adding sidewalks.

I also have also sent a request in to the Hillsborough County GIS office, to confirm that the GIS data they have posted on their public site are indeed in the public domain (the site also has an atlas based on the data, which has a copyright, so it is possible the data may be copyrighted also). If the data ARE in the public domain, then I will be in touch with the emerging group that assists with large uploads, to get some of this onto the map. I should hear this week.

Location: I 75, Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, 33647, United States of America

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