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Posted by Ed Avis on 19 October 2008 in English (English).

Equipped with a pen and a colour printout with 'NoName' highlighting, I have been writing down and adding some more street names. It is a slow task; I have nothing but admiration for Phyllis Pearsall for mapping the whole of London single-handed. (By the way, are the early A-Z maps out of copyright?)

I found a couple of short roads (probably private ones) which have no name as far as I can see. I would like to mark them somehow as 'no name' so they don't get flagged by the NoName plugin, to spare someone else the effort of going to the same spot and still not finding a name. Also some roads have gates in front of them; how should that be marked?

I am using Merkaator to update the map and being an early version it is a bit limited. It won't allow you to split roads, for example. In some cases I have deleted nodes from a road and recreated it. Uploading a couple of my changes failed with 'precondition' errors, but I hope the rest got through.

Comment from Rhubarb on 19 October 2008 at 13:16

A gate can be tagged on a node (on the road) with:
See here:

London is huge! One person mapped most of it?! That's incredible :D

Comment from Circeus on 19 October 2008 at 17:12

The new barriers proposal is passing with flying colors, so you might as well change it to barrier=gate already.

As for names, there is a proposal related to that.

Comment from ColinMarquardt on 19 October 2008 at 20:06

Merkaartor has always been able to split a road AFAIR. You sometimes need to select the road in addition to the node though.

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