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Posted by Diomas on 12 September 2013 in English (English)

It seems, Alyssa Wright is not going to give up and continue to blame male osm mappers for their ignorance to such an important problem as child care places tagging.

I'm not saying men don't care (most of them actually don't) for kindergardens, we just don't have enough interest to make difference. And the interest is the main force that moves OSM forward.

It's not about sexism. When I see a power line, it's just a landmark for me. And now, imagine, some electrician says: "Hey! How could you tag voltage, but do not set the wire diameter?! Don't you understand this is so important?!"

Denied proposal is nothing. Nowadays OSM is all about usage. No one will start changing specific child care tags back to amenity=kindergarden, if thousands of women start tagging these in osm. Moreover, sooner or later you will see some male mappers start differ one kindergarden type from another. And, who knows, maybe we will even get different icons on the mapnik style! :)

Comment from Pieren on 12 September 2013 at 08:41

You completely miss the point. You suggest that finally, we don't need the wiki documentation. "usage makes the tags". But we have to document the tags. And to create new tags for new features, we have to find a consensus and identify possible issues/overlaps. This particular case is a good example in the way that "childcare" and "kindergarten" have different meaning in different countries. If you don't fix this issue, the OSM data cannot be consumed/interpreted consistently excepted locally. So either we find a common tagging rule which can be used worldwide. Or we identify the differences and document them in the wiki. The "childcare" original proposal redactor failed in this. When the problem was raised during the vote, the redactor should stop the vote and clarify this point in the proposal (how it can overlap with kindergarten and how it can be solved) and then return to a new "vote" (which has to be considered as a "opinion poll" anyway) with more success. What is completely ignored on the "gender" selfcreated discussion is that many proposals fail at a first vote and many redactors are not enough motivated to improve the proposal and return to a new vote. If there is a "gender" controversy in OSM (which is possible), this "childcare" vote failure is not a good example.

Comment from Zverik on 12 September 2013 at 21:18

It's not wiki, it's proposals. Somehow people think they can stop mappers from using specific tags by failing a proposal. My opinion is that anyone who votes no to a proposal introducing new categories of objects should be banned from editing OSM and wiki for two months.

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