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Posted by Diego Sanguinetti on 26 January 2016 in English (English)

Hi all! I’m making a few updates on the city of Lima (Peru). In this city I did some contributions from [GPS traces with notes] ( to improve the city and reduce risks on the streets. This information continues to grow over time and can compare from this website.


  • Improve the Pan American route (in Spanish: Panamericana Norte and Panamericana Sur; Reference PE-1N, alternate tracks and the corresponding exits)
  • Improve the Expressway (Vía Expresa) of the Costa Verde ([which implusor was Ernesto Aramburu Menchaca] ( with an avenue that leads his name in Paseo de la República). You can access the Armendaríz exit to connect the two highways.
  • Add information from districts: Los Olivos (including speed bump or sway), Comas and Rimac. About center of Lima I would add buildings.
  • Improve information continues for the Panamericana malls (some are pending).
  • Built tolls Pan American Industrial Separator with a limit of 10-20 kph. They include specified lanes for trucks and private light vehicles. See:


  • Add bridges (on the highway), pedestrian crossings and traffic lights.
  • Add neighborhoods (pending).
  • Add other places as hotels, parking lots, cinemas and restaurants.
  • Information to sports village of Callao (pending).
  • Added the pedestrian tunnel in Los Alisos.
  • Added features at the Jorge Chavez International Airport. For more information you can see this [directory website] (
  • Added center speed limits in this sector and to specify route time in Chorrillos map.
  • Considering the rigid area (zona ríginda) in Caquetá Avenue by the townhall. Information next stage was also added.
  • Fixes names and speed limits in the district of Pachacamac. In the future, according to El Comercio, It will be a commercial place.

Planned or under construction

Highlight the most important and that may affect the traffic of the city:

Please note that I’m adding information from other cities as accurate as possible and that can take a long time. If there are problems of translation of the original note you can do it in the comments. Cheers!

Comment from Tomio on 28 January 2016 at 19:07

Parabéns pelo trabalho Diego!!

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