Trucking Across America finished. (For the time being atleast..)

Posted by DevineMe on 24 December 2007 in English (English)

ManOMan That took forever. Last file has been uploaded.

Some stats about the data

Capture program : Delorme Street Atlas 2003
Delorme Street Atlas 2008

Equipment : Delorme Earthmate USB model : AE006761201 (First Gen)
(2004,2005,2006 Tracks)
12 channel

Delorme Earthmate USB model : LT-20 (2007 Tracks)
12 channel

Files : 462
Trip Lengths : Varied from 2 to 600 miles Per day with the average trip over 450 miles.
Guestimate Milage covered : Hmm about 250,000+ miles, I'm a millon mile driver at this point in the game.

Biggest point set : Looked breifly at the confirmation emails, seen one that had 62000+ points. (Must have been tired and left laptop on for entire duration of time for that one.)

Converted and Uploaded GPX files will be deleted off my HD, I will continue to archive the GPL origonals as they contain more data then GPX format. Extra data like speed, heading, start and end times, start and end locals etc.. All data collected is now officially public domain. If you see a file I forgot to click public on, please message me. Happy holidays.

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