Trucking Across America 2004 to 2007 Update

Posted by DevineMe on 24 December 2007 in English (English)

Ship's Log
Star date : Dec 23, 2007,

With the help of I find the upload of my converted Delorme GPL tracks bearable. A 1.2 gig of uncompressed raw data upload spanning 3 years
all the while watching Starttrek TNG. Uploading one file at a time is a boring task. I tried to run a java script for a batch upload but there were errors. Wasted enough time just learning what had to be done to my data to donate it.
"Now get it done", I say to myself. I found the comment about not mapping in Chicago pretty funny. How does one get stopped for mapping anyways? I guess if your out walking around holding up a mobile GPS up to your face, then you might get noticed, however most log the streets in their car (could be wrong though).

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