About Trucking Across America 2004 to 2007 GPX Files

Posted by DevineMe on 23 December 2007 in English (English)

Hmmm, what can I say, I was a truck driver that did not like getting lost. I got myself a laptop and Delorme Street Atlas 2003. Originally I had no intention of logging GPS tracks, I just wanted to get from point A to B without getting lost. The more I read about the software I was using the more I learned. Later I found out about the logging files and archived them just in case I might need them. With a background in Delphi programming I later started developing a software for truck drivers. Now I am looking at developing a plug-in similar to GPSDrive for my own software. With price of GeoData and GIS tools the way they are, it makes it hard for a independent developer, who is funding all of his projects, to get anything accomplished in a timely manner.

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