Trucking Across America POI screen shots

Posted by DevineMe on 24 June 2008 in English (English)

Welp, I've been on hiatus for a while now. Took a big break from driving. I tried to finish my software but there was(is) just too much to accomplish by just one person working on a ->huge<- project. Also need new component sets and Delphi 2007 Architect (major bling). I've been using D7pro and I could get away with D2007Pro but my skills have grown to point of desiring the extra bell and whistles. ECO, UML modeling and other neato stuff I have never got a chance to play with yet. So why does programmer drive a truck? Well.. besides the one or two hours I spend a day (if that) interacting with others I sit and construct the data structures in my mind. When I'm on break I fire up Delphi and code those ideas. Specifically writing trucking software I also get to see and use the very thing I am creating in action also so that is big plus. I was preparing my new equipment, which includes a TC1100 tablet and a BlueAngel(SX66) for doing a little more trucking. While reloading my old recorded GPS data back into Delorme I enabled all my custom made POIs of every where I've been also the GPS tracks from these trucking trips where the basis of my Trucking Across America data that took me forever to convert and upload. I'm hoping the screen shots can be shown all right cause they kinda look thumbnails currently. Anyways retiring my Hp Ze4325us to permanent desktop duty with a new triple fan cooler pad under it. Seems to wanna overheat watching YouTube videos these days. If I run it in under a low power load or with a cooling pad that seems to keep it's temperature down thus not locking up. I bought it brand new and it has done it's job flawlessly. Oh yeah, I still can't decide which BT Logger to get; I'm really leaning towards the solar type that never needs to be plugged in. I think the BT loggers all pretty cool which makes it just a harder decision!!!

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