My annual diary post from last year is here, for which the summary of the targets set back then is now:

  • I definitely stayed in the top 10 #osmIRL contributors for the whole year. There was more to that of course, as in 2021 I contributed more mapping days than ever before, missing only 16 out of 365.

  • In August 2021 I reached 200,000 contributions in 60 days, this is the most intense contribution to OpenStreetMap I have ever achieved, and i wrote about that here

  • I undertook “as an extra kick” to build a tool to visual osm for the whole island. This is here, but needs a bit more work, especially a process to keep it up to date. Thanks to Rusty and Amanda for helping plan and execute this.

  • I set myself a “not hard target” of raising my mapillary contributions to 1.5 million. While I did add around another 100k images mapillary changed a load of things about their upload process and web app in the year, making it nigh-on impossible for me to report exact numbers, and also leaving me with an upload queue that I carry into 2022.

  • I met my StreetComplete Target of raising myself to be #3 in Ireland. For most of the year I was #2 with huge early progress in the first #8 months. I am now #3 so this target is achieved.

  • I didn’t clear up all the gaps I mentioned, because a demon keeps asking me to help with bits of rural Ireland. However, I addressed a huge number of gaps in buildings that I didn’t already know about. From now on this task has the gaps and if you feel like helping me jump in there :)

My rating: Looking at these, using mild re-interpretations of the targets I am giving myself 4.5 out of 6. I didn’t fail completely in any area.

Now for 2022. I would like my targets to be very focused, and to be what the map needs most of all. Ireland is disadvantaged relative to other places with the building completeness of its map, due to the contribution preferences of our existing community, the unavailability of any useful datasets from Government or big tech providers. Dublin is disadvantaged for the sheer reason of unconverted possibility of mapping buildings, and North Dublin has less active mappers than south Dublin, so my big goal is to finish this task, with the following targets:


Location: Glasnevin, Botanic A ED, Dublin, Dublin 7, Leinster, D09 PX93, Ireland

Comment from nickjohnston on 1 January 2022 at 17:01

Congratulations on your excellent progress in 2021. Thank you for working so hard to improve the map in Ireland.

200,000 map changes in 60 days is incredible–it has taken me years to reach 212,000!

Comment from DeBigC on 1 January 2022 at 18:09

@Nick, thanks indeed for that feedback. The trick (for me) is terracing buildings, you get loads of nodes in one step. I won’t be doing another 200 K in a short period though :)

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