OSM US Board Nomination

Posted by DW2515 on 31 March 2019 in English (English)

My first edit on OSM was for a HOTOSM task in Nepal. This is when I learned about the OSM project and community. I was fascinated by the involvement and logistics of the OSM community; there were people from all over the world, people who I probably will never meet in person, who are also working on this task to help the people in Nepal and the humanitarian organizations sending relief. I remember telling my grandfather about OSM and sharing this amazing idea of a community working together to complete the map. He was a pilot in the Peruvian Air Force who spent a lot of time surveying and mapping the Amazon Region in Peru, so he certainly understood my fascination. I have not automated any of my edits, for I am just a regular ID Editor gal. But, I am very aware of the positive effects of OSM. I am a Transportation Planner; in my free time I promote OSM, host “mapathons” through Maptime Miami (I am now an Organizer for Maptime Boston). I conducted a training class on OSM for a few of the State Department’s YALI initiative participants. Whenever I can, at work and with friends, I promote the use of OSM data, and encourage others to also contribute to the map. The needs of people, our needs, change over time, and as such, the map, in general, is in constant change. I recently co-wrote a blog-post with Christopher Beddow on “mapping the curb”. This, for instance, is an ever-changing asset in cities and in the transportation world, which involves all. And, with the proper inventorying and management, municipalities can enhance the mobility of people with disabilities, cyclists, pedestrians, children, and pretty much everyone who relies on moving around. Some months ago, my friends and I rented a lake house in Vermont. This lake house, along with many other residential and commercial buildings, was not on the map. So, I took this opportunity to teach them about OSM and as soon as I had access to an internet connection, we mapped this small neighborhood. I did this for fun. There was no urgency for humanitarian relief, nor was it a transportation-related project. I am a very energetic person who enjoys bringing people together. As a member of the OSM Board, I will use my energetic personality, outreach and planning skills, and transportation planning skills, along with my passion for community engagement to continue promoting the OSM project and ensure users are pleased, engaged, and have their questions answered. I promise to work hard on the organizing of the State of the Map US (SOTMUS) Conference, and do as much as I can to make it an extraordinary experience like those in the past. I understand this is a difficult task that requires a lot of dedication, and I will not want this experience to be any less extraordinary than my first SOTMUS. At SOTMUS 2015, I learned so much about OSM, met some of my best friends in my adult life, and had the opportunity to “nerd out” and become more involved in this awesome community.

Thank you for your time and consideration

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