Work done so far... (part 2)

Posted by CroKimba on 4 October 2013 in English (English)

Here's what I did after contributing to OpenStreetMap for 3 years (around 268000 nodes, around 26100 ways and 168 relations), continuing after the last summary:

  • I've experimented with OpenMapSurfer site and the feature of a building's height in my city, on which its "OSM Roads" base layer rendered the building(s) as 3D objects, but this 3D rendering has unfortunately stopped in the meantime
  • after Bing extended its aerial coverage of the island Hvar, I've continued mapping there
  • I've mapped the Ugljane area (a place in Dalmatia's inland where my friend's parents live)
  • seeing that one of Croatia's outmost islands Sušac is well covered with Bing, I started bringing it to OSM
  • inspired by "Posljednji tango u Đevrskama"("The Last Tango in Đevrske"), a song by famous croatian chansonnier Arsen Dedić, I decided to map the village of the same name, especially because it is well covered with Bing
  • thanks to the HOT Tasking Manager, touched by the news about a terrible earthquake in NW Iran that happened in August 2012 I contributed a bit to the area affected with the earthquake (villages mapped: Azghan,(unknown),(unknown),Maqsudlu,(unknown))
  • because of its decent Bing aerial coverage, I've mapped several small places in Sao Tome and Principe (Dona Augusta and Micondo, and Voz America), and created its OSM Wiki page
  • remembering Namibia, a beautiful country that I visited several years ago, I've decided to map some lodges and places which I've been to (Bagatelle K.G.R., Duwisib Castle, Helmeringhausen, Sossusvlei Lodge, Epacha G.L.), and also some which I've never been to (Aranos, Oshikuku, Outapi, Nkurenkuru), but nevertheless mapped because of their good Bing coverage; some of these places were additionally mapped and improved after I initially mapped them (Helmeringhausen, Aranos and Nkurenkuru)
  • after occasionally stumbling upon Sierra Leone, after reading about it on Wikipedia and on CIA facts page on which some figures really shocked me, and because SL's coat of arms and name appeals to me (as I like lions very much), even though I've never been there I've decided to contribute to its map as much as I can; and so I've mapped several hundred kilometers of roads, several dozens of villages/places and waterways across the Bo District and the Kambia District, and I've contributed to SL's OSM Wiki page by adding content to it and by creating subpages of places, districts and provinces; I've also continued IndoFio's work in SL by completing all district and province boundaries as relations; Bing has recently extended the aerial imagery in the east Kambia District, and so I continued mapping there
  • with help of GPS traces and my own knowledge, I've gradually mapped the new west coast of my city back when it was just a huge construction area, and I've managed to map it after a year or so, adding a new feature immediately after it appeared on-site, although the place still isn't covered by the Bing aerial imagery; I will adjust the map when it becomes accurately covered by Bing
  • I've added to OSM all bicycle routes that I know of on the island Hvar (as it can be seen on and
Location: Poljud, Spinut, Grad Split, Split-Dalmatia, 21105, Croatia

Comment from mcld on 5 October 2013 at 09:16

Congratulations! This all sounds amazing. What a lot of achievements.

Comment from CroKimba on 5 October 2013 at 12:37

Thank you! I will continue contributing to OSM because I like doing that. OSM is really great, and it is very useful at the same time (e.g. HOT and its tasks).

Comment from dudone on 5 October 2013 at 18:07

We have recently returned (UK) from a two week holiday in Croatia where we had 4 very enjoyable days on Hvar. Before going I loaded the Croatia OSM map onto my phone (OSMAND) and also on to my Garmin GPS. The coverage was excellent, so many thanks for your hard work.

Croatia seems to have a huge number of apartments for tourist to stay in. We booked our through It makes use of google maps which are quite poor compared with what you have produced and made selecting them quite difficult as the satellite imagery is also poor. Perhaps there is an opportunity for someone to develop a web application using OSM for booking apartments in Croatia.

Once again, many thanks as the OSM map made getting around Croatia very easy.



Comment from CroKimba on 7 October 2013 at 10:57

You're welcome! I'm glad that my little contribution to OSM was helpful for you! :)

I've decided to map the Hvar island simply because my origins are from there, and I frequently visit it since we have a house there. As for the rest of Croatia, there is a small group of mappers here (which I mentioned in my last summary) which contribute frequently and the most to OSM map of Croatia, and they make OSM in Croatia go forward. One of them even runs the OSM Croatia website.

After OSM introduced the Notes function, I noticed several new Notes indicating a specific apartment in their area. These users probably didn't want to mess with adding nodes to the map, but their Note can then be later added to the map as a node.

Unfortunately, OSM is not so widely known in Croatia (Google Maps is unfortunately better known), but there are some websites in Croatia that use OSM for their map displays, and I hope that the number of such websites will increase in the future. I hope that the same will happen with apps for booking apartments in Croatia. :)



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