Today was an eventful one, Members of our group (LMT, Nsukka) came together to get it right as we opened the 14788 project on HOTosm titled ENUGU STATE -MAP NIGERIA MAPATHON CAMPAIGN -LET’S MAP NSUKKA LGA FOR SDGS AND SOCIAL GOOD and we commenced to map with iD Editor meanwhile with my little knowledge I also help to direct and answer some of my teammates questions like “how do I put #tags?, why is my task showing error instead of submitting?, How many edits will get me to become an advance mapper?” etc.

I benefited mostly when our trainer Miss Juliet from Lion Mappers Team Enugu Campus expanded my knowledge on mapping with JOSM and even much more when she introduced RapiD which I believe is easier and faster compared to ID Editor.

I am confident that my mapping skills have improved today more than what it was yesterday. I and my Team members have gained greatly today and we are really excited about it.

A big thanks to Unique Mappers Network and their contribution to open-source data sets.

Comment from aman47 on 24 May 2023 at 12:41

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