I live at 13 Bradley rd and have had my landline number stolen 0245712034 by these nasty neighbours about 2 years ago and now I find our house doesn’t even exist on the maps. I believe the neighbours around us have hacked into all our private passwords and accounts. There are cameras and spotlights surrounding us and I am in grave fear that our ID is being stolen. No 15 Bradley rd and No 11 Bradley rd and the house behind us in Susella crescent have engaged in a persecution campaign against me because they are racist anti-vaccination religious fanatics who have put up cameras overlooking our swimming pool and have obviously uploaded misinformation to this website.

Comment from ortho_is_hot on 18 February 2022 at 00:55

Hi, I’ve fixed the address numbers in 117542692 (they will appear fixed in due course). Seems as if the incorrect numbers were added by a new mapper who appears to be from India. They have also added incorrect numbers in other countries.

Comment from oghaki on 18 February 2022 at 07:13

Oh goodness, this sounds really bad, and I definitely sympathize with the grave fear you’re experiencing—I would be terrified were I to believe that my neighbors were colluding in such a malicious fashion, and the knowledge that they would steal your landline number, then have the discipline to operate in a clandestine fashion for two years, presumably to avoid drawing attention away from any ongoing monitoring by official authorities or even your very own watchful eye, all the time planning this heist or vandalism of the OpenStreetMaps record of your address, effectively denying your very existence. Further, it is of little consolation that the attacks of these dangerous vectors of deadly disease are virtual in nature, as a virtual virus can be quite damaging on its own. Further, any solace in their remote and surreptitious methods will surely be short-lived, because, as technology progresses and we continue to make discoveries of the science which they assuredly deny, the day when they will be able to expose you, virtually, to very real contagious is approaches evermore rapidly.

I’ve heard these racist / religious types are infamous, or celebrated for, depending on one’s perspective, their computer hacking talent, and it sounds like this example further supports that acclaim, with which so many of us have become familiar through the victimhood and suffering which so often accompanies their exercise of it. In fact, I experienced a similar suffering some years ago—I’m not sure towards which religion your abusers direct their fanaticism, but, in my case, it was a group of raging Kabbalists, who haunted me day and night. At first, it was just little things, like my mobile number being disconnected days before my carrier had warned would occur for lack of payment, but later, I began to notice various phenomena around the house, such as rock buried not far from my driveway Pûrîm which bore a clear resemblance to an effigy of Hamam, or, when I had stepped out of the kitchen after putting some bread in the oven to toast, I came back to find what appeared to be a depiction of Baʿal burned directly into the toast. For months, I would set traps around the property, hoping to catch one of my tormentors in the act, all to no avail, before finally getting the help I needed. I will be praying that you are able to access the help you need, and for you to have a happy and lucid recovery and finally get some well-deserved rest, relief, and peace of mind. Godspeed.

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