Got off my lazy ass... to find more frustration awaiting

Posted by Circeus on 23 December 2008 in English (English)

And instead of complaining to myself about being bored or some areas not getting filled, I went ahead and traced a bunch of stuff in the Neufchatel area of Quebec City. Didn't add any street names, but did name a parc or two. Oddly enough, the parc at Charles-Auguste-Savard Community Center is given as "Savard Park" in several places, although the city website clearly identifies on a list of skating rinks as "Saint-André Park" (which is also the name I'd been assuming for it). For some oddball reason, the labels for Saint-André branch library and L'Escabelle schoolground show up twice in Osmarender...

I've also taken to map more land use. There are annoying holes that show up around community buildings and whatnots. I'm not clear whether to leave those off or add a landuse="institutional" or something like that (or simply shove them in residential). Furthermore, mapping landuses in areas that have a lot of small shops and stuff in an otherwise overwhelmingly residential area is giving me a headache. I probably COULD just break up the Saint-Émile core in four (virtually all shops and office are on de La Faune or Lapierre) and do away with a nasty multipolygon, but that would be overkill IMHO. However, without multipolygons, we get areas that are technically tagged simultaneously as residential and retail/commercial(I wish we just used "commercial". Separating those two tends to be a PAIN)/industrial. And there are still a number of shops/offices/parkings etc etc. that are not in the relation, cf. the Caisse Populaire, the community center and the local fast food joint. I'm seriously starting to think I should have kept to my primary interpretation of "landuse as very predominantly X". Or at least request a landuse=mixed tag ARGH.

Location: Saint-André, Quebec City, Québec (Agglomération), Quebec, G2B 1S1, Canada

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